US Business News Q2 2020

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , Magnificent Metal Manufacturing Since opening in 1991, A&SManufacturing has been a beacon of excellence within the metal stamping and CNC industry. Operating with the mission of getting products to customers when they need them, owner Steve Churchill has been a steady hand in guiding the firm to its latest success in US Business News. Having been awarded the title of Best Full-ServiceMetal Stamping & CNC Experts 2019 last year, we now take a closer look at the firmand what it offers. One thing has not changed in the nearly thirty year history of A&S Manufacturing, and that is the commitment and dedicated that the firm has to serving the needs of the customer. It is what has made it into an industry leader, and what continues to drive it forward today. Under the sage guidance of owner Steve Churchill, who is onsite everyday for hands-on operation, the whole company of tool and die-makers have more than sixty years of combined experience in the industry. Clients can rest assured that when they choose A&S Manufacturing, they choose experience, quality, and exceptional service. With regular expansion of its capabilities for increased customer accommodation, the firm is always on the lookout for new ways to supply customers with all their present and future needs. Metalwork is something that is used across so many industries and sectors in the world today, and you would be hard-pressed to find somewhere it was not present in one form or another. Across its three decades of service, A&S Manufacturing has served, and continues to serve, a long and extensive list of industries and clients, ranging from small local firms to massive international companies, and everything in between. Meeting the needs of such a diverse Dec19068 clientele is not easy, but in order to ensure that it does so, A&S Manufacturing leverages its own wealth of experience and ISO certifications to develop the right mix of quality, price, and speed for customers all over the world. The CNC Milling Services from A&S Manufacturing are the perfect way for customers to get the metalwork that they require. Services keep the lines moving, resulting in swift, repeatable, accurate, and cost-effective services for clients and the firm itself. As the for the metals themselves, A&S Manufacturing works with aluminium, brass, copper, and many different types of steel, including the more difficult-to-machine, hardened alloys. The facility houses four state-of-the-art turning machines, including a bar feeder and multiple parts catchers to allow for maximum automation. The machine uses probes that check the tool and parts dimensions, and can run unmanned checks on itself for accuracy. Should something go wrong, the machine will automatically shut down and be safe. A&S Manufacturing’s vertical milling process provides unbeatable quality, exceptional flexibility, unsurpassed speed, and tremendously low costs for customers. Those customers can hail from any one of a number of different industries or sectors, including power, communications, electronics, transportation, window and furniture manufacturing, defense, automotive, and general industrial work. Each industry requires metal for a different purpose. For instance, durability and safety are critical considerations when dealing with any type of metal equipment or structure in the power industry. Finished products must be able to withstand environmental and industrial elements as well as strict governmental standards for occupational safety. However, cosmetic perfection is a key concern for those working in window and furniture manufacturing. A&S Manufacturing’s attention to detail and accuracy far exceeds even the most demanding specifications. Industries and sectors all over the world require metal for vastly different purposes, but all are within the capabilities of the team at A&S Manufacturing. As the market needs changes with every order and various orders differ in parts, volume, and materials necessary, the team is fully prepared to meet every unique challenge head on. The commitment to quality has not lowered, and customers remain more confident than ever that A&S Manufacturing’s final products are exceptional beyond measure. Company: A & S Manufacturing Co. Contact: Steve Churchill Website: