US Business News Q2 2020

22 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , Building Up Businesses Businesses all over the United States that are looking to growmay turn to Latin America as a gateway to the rest of the world. At that moment of potential exponential growth, it is important to enlist the services of a lawfirmwhose experience stretches into international business law. To that end, Mark K. Vasquez Law Firm is the perfect partner for businesses. Based in Texas, join us as we discover why this firm is the recipient of this years’ award for being the Best International Business Law Firm – Texas. Mar20342 Situated just north of Dallas, Texas, MKV Law Firm is a bilingual law firm that provides advice and advocacy to a full range of enterprises and individuals ranging from entrepreneurial, emerging growth, middle- market, to global corporations. Businesses in the world today can face a multitude of issues when trying to expand to a global level, and that is exactly where the firm specializes. Addressing a broad spectrum of legal services in its portfolio of core practice areas, MKV Law Firm is proud to ground itself and its philosophy in the principles of ethical and efficacy, focused on protecting and securing the continuous development of client businesses and their transactions. As well as seeking to provide clients with legal representation and counsel for the successful conduct of their businesses and individual needs, MKV Law Firm also assists domestic companies in the United States with international growth into Latin America. Branching into new territory can be uncertain for firms making that first foray into international waters, but this exceptional law firm can have their back every step of the way. Alongside helping domestic companies branch outwards, so too does MKV Law Firm help businesses conducting work across the United States, Mexico, and Latin America. As an individual at the head of his firm, Mr Vasquez routinely assists clients on corporate transactions, with an emphasis on domestic and cross-border business transactions, entity formation, commercial contracts, various international issues, and many corporate, labor, and employment matters. These matters can take many forms, including acquisitions, dispositions, regulatory issues, disputes, and terminations, but Mr Vasquez is proficient at handling every case that comes his way. Businesses seeking to establish themselves on the global stage must do so in complete compliance with stringent regulations that govern their day to day business, and having a trusted and experienced law firm at their side can make that much easier. MKV Law Firm has the global perspective and collaborative approach that enables it to offer clients practical and innovative advice on a wide range of issues when taking a business to a whole new level. Company: Mark K. Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC Contact: Mayra Garcia Website: foreign families and businesses who are seeking to invest into the United States. Throughout any case or project, the mission remains the same; to provide clients with legal representation and counsel for the successful conduct of their business and individual needs with exceptional professionalism and outstanding servitude. Through these impeccably high standards of professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, MKV Law Firm strives to serve as a trusted advocate and business advisor to every single one of its clients. As a result, the firm’s work consistently exceeds the clients’ expectations and its reputation for commitment, respect, and valuing the client continue to be the force behind its success. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the service that Mr Mark K. Vasquez himself shows. For the last twenty years, Mr Vasquez has dedicated his personal and practice-based work on corporate, cross- border transactions, finance, international business, M&A, real estate, and tax law. As a consummate professional of the highest order, Mr Vasquez ensures that his broad-based business-transactional practice continues to focus on complex corporate and tax matters for