US Business News Q2 2020

20 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , Freeing Families From Friction Familymay be a wonderful thing for many, but it comes with friction also. Sometimes, that friction can spill over into seriously challenging issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, and spousal support. With the help of The Gucciardo Law Firmand founding attorney Renée K. Gucciardo, families can navigate these difficult times with grace and dignity. Discover why Renée has been granted the title of Family LawAttorney of the Year 2020 (Michigan): Renée K. Gucciardo, as we profile her work. Mar20327 In 2002, Renée K. Gucciardo started her own law firm, The Gucciardo Law Firm, and has since focused solely on family law. From the firm’s location in Bingham Farms, it is ideally located to service families and clients across the entirety of Michigan’s Oakland County and all of Metro-Detroit. Clients can rest assured that they will receive all of the benefits that come from working alongside a small and personal firm such as this. Renée immerses herself in every case, guaranteeing clients a personal relationship with an attorney who knows every detail of their case, and is willing to stand by their side every step of the way. Renée and her associates, across a career that spans almost three decades, have handled cases pertaining to divorce with and without minor children, custody, parenting time, child support, paternity, property settlement, step-parent adoptions, and post-judgment modifications. As for Renée K. Gucciardo herself, her journey towards legal excellence began just over a decade prior to founding her own firm. In 1989, she graduated from Michigan State University, and then graduated once again from the Thomas M. Cooley School of Law in 1992. Between 1991 and 1993, including during her time at Having accrued a veritable wealth of experience in her time both as an instructor and prosecutor, Renée then moved into the world of private practice where she built on her reputation as a zealous and aggressive advocate for her clients. Just two years later, The Gucciardo Law Firm was born, and was limited exclusively to the practice of family law. With her Certificate of Completion in the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan issued by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in November 2011, there are few better individuals to help distraught families bring tough proceedings to a conclusion than Renée. She has the legal experience necessary to protect her clients’ best interests whilst finding the best solution to many different family difficulties. For those cases that end up going to court, Renée also boasts the litigation experience and zeal to protect her clients there as well. When it comes to resolving family disputes, or finding amicable solutions to family issues, there is simply no one better than Renée in the state of Michigan. Alongside her team of legal professionals who are dedicated to resolving family conflicts, Renée stands out for her ability to take every client and treat them as an individual. Every client and every family receives specific attention towards their law school, Renée worked with the Jackson County Prosecutor, before then going on to become an Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor herself from 1993 to 1998. During this time, Renée acted as an instructor for both the Oakland Police Academy and the Michigan Prosecuting Attorney’s Association. For the former, she taught cadets about criminal law and controlled substance procedures, whilst members of the latter were taught about courtroom procedure, evidentiary law, and how to try a case. Renée continued to be rewarded justly for her hard work, as she became the first woman to be promoted to the Special Drug Unit. Armed with this new promotion as a Special Drug Unit prosecutor, Renée took hundreds of cases to court as she efficiently and effectively defeated the best criminal lawyers in private practice. This experience played a vital role in shaping and forming the lawyer that Renée would become in later years, taking advantage of opportunities to help her prosper in the field. Throughout the years and with each case, Renée became more and more comfortable in the courtroom, having built solid working relationships with judges and lawyers in the area. Then, in 1999, Renée felt it was time to make her next move. matter, and Renée’s experience is key to finding the best possible solution for each family that comes through her door. After all, who wouldn’t want an attorney with the highest rating possible by both her peers and judges by Martindale Hubbard, and in Who’s Who, is routinely listed as one of the top family law attorneys in Michigan and has been a Super Lawyer since 2014 in their corner. Company: The Gucciardo Law Firm, PLLC Contact: Renée K. Gucciardo Website: