US Business News Q2 2020

18 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , When Wallace Wins, Everyone Wins Comprised of a teamof trial attorneys and professionals, TheWallace Firm is committed to providing the very best legal representation for their clients’ cases. Ultimately, the firm’s job is to win. As their slogan states, ‘WhenWallaceWins, YouWin.’ We took a closer look at US Business News’ Best Premises Liability Trial Law Firm – California to discover more about their relentlessness commitment to winning their clients’ cases. Mar20277 Based in Los Angeles, California, The Wallace Firm’s mission and purpose is to create a collaborative, technologically advanced team of attorneys and legal professionals who are devoted helping the injured people of California. Covering a diverse range of practice areas, such as personal injury, wrongful death and premises liability, the team believes strongly in the power of the civil jury system to seek justice – both in and out of the courtroom, on behalf of their clients against insurance companies. As a contingency based civil law trial firm, The Wallace Firm places a strong focus on the representation of harmed individuals and businesses against insurance companies that refuse to pay for their own, or someone else’s, wrongful conduct. In the current climate, many businesses in California have sadly been forced to close due to COVID-19 government orders but who have also been wrongfully denied their policy benefits under their business interruption insurance coverage. As a result, The Wallace Firm is fighting to hold insurance companies accountable to their policyholders who need these insurance proceeds now more than ever. While legislative changes and developments related to the civil justice system, The Wallace Firm is integrally involved in several charitable organizations such as LATLC, The First Tee of Los Angeles, Ability First and Downtown Women’s Center. Bradley Wallace, the firm’s principal, currently sits on the Executive Committee of Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities as the organization’s Secretary and will be the President in 2024. The firm was founded, and continues to grow, by carefully selecting candidates for each available position that share in the drive to deliver optimal results for all their clients. The collaborative and results driven culture The Wallace Firm is based on focuses on winning by delivering the highest level work in every facet of the practice and a commitment to always expecting the same from everyone in the firm. When they win a big case, the team celebrates together through firm events such as dinners and baseball games. Ultimately, the team at The Wallace Firm are not just colleagues, they are family who work hard together and play hard together delivering exceptional results for the clients they serve. Contact: Bradley Wallace Company: The Wallace Firm, PC Address: 16000 Ventura Blvd, Suite 440, Encino CA, 91436 Telephone: 818 476 5998 Web: specifically involving the areas of the firm’s practice, continue to evolve over time, The Wallace Firm works tirelessly to stay at the forefront of the consumer advocacy industry and remains committed to achieving justice for all of their clients. Despite the uncertain times we find ourselves in, The Wallace Firm is always looking ahead towards the future so they are prepared and ready when any moment presents itself. Currently, the team is implementing a new state of the art case management system by building and implementing a custom software across the firm. In addition to this, they recently launched their brand new in-office courtroom, which can accommodate live jury focus groups, and which will be used within the Southern California plaintiff attorney community once COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. It is no secret that the team knows how crucial it is to have a real ‘practice’ court and how vital it is when building and framing a case together. As such, The Wallace Firm feels that other firms will find extreme value in harnessing this tool to better serve their clients. Alongside creating strong connections with clients, the firm also believes in building a strong presence within the community as a whole and that is why