US Business News Q2 2020

16 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , Injury Lawyer Helps Victims Take on Insurance Companies When you get injured at work, the struggle is not just getting back on your feet – it’s in finding ways of surviving until you’re able to work again. Personal injury can change your life. Marcus Berg, of Moss Berg Injury Lawyers, has committed himself to helping people in the community to get the compensation they deserve. Recognized as Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 2020 (Nevada): Marcus Berg in the Legal Elite awards, we lookmore closely at Mr. Berg’s career and the firmhe helped to found. Apr20076 When Marcus Berg and Boyd Moss joined forces to found Moss Berg Injury Lawyers, it was with the intention of helping people in the community to take on the behemoths that were insurance companies. With these insurance companies and their teams of lawyers more than capable of handling their defense of these cases, Mr. Berg and Mr. Moss have made a stand for everyday people. For Mr. Berg, the field of personal injury is one with which he has always had a fascination. A graduate of Tulane University in 2001, where he did a double major in Finance and Information Systems, he continued studying, eventually earning his Juris Doctorate from Tulane University Law School. From there, he was able to find a position as an attorney at one of Nevada’s largest Insurance Defense law firms. This work gave Mr. Berg a unique perspective, one which he carries through to his work today. After only a short time, Mr. Berg knew that fighting against injured victims was the wrong aide for him. an injury to a child caused by a homeowner’s negligence. These are just some of Mr. Berg’s many achievements. With such a distinguished record behind him, it’s no surprise that Mr. Berg has become highly successful amongst his peers. He is a member of the Nevada and Clark County Bar Associations, Nevada Justice Association and American Justice Association, and holds the highest possible distinction among attorneys. He is a role model to be followed, setting incredibly high standards for his peers. Needless to say, Mr. Berg is a beacon of success. Between his ability to litigate, to listen and to learn, he has brought a great deal of stature to the firm he founded, Moss Berg Injury Lawyers. Getting compensation can make a terrible situation a little more bearable, but to get exactly what you deserve, it pays to have a top-class lawyer like Marcus Berg on the job. Company: Moss Berg Injury Lawyers Contact: Marcus Berg Web Address: Since then, Mr. Berg has focused on specific cases of personal injury, honing his craft in these areas to ensure that clients get the care and attention they need. His areas of practice include automobile accidents, trip and falls, slip and falls and workers’ compensation claims. Mr. Berg does not rest until he has achieved the best possible result for his clients, and exhausted every opportunity for recovery. To this end, he is admitted to practice all Nevada state courts, Federal Court in Nevada and Colorado, and has even been admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Berg’s ability to practice in so many courts has allowed him to take advantage of some unique opportunities. He has successfully litigated in hundreds of cases, once obtaining three successful plaintiff jury verdicts at trial in three months. When called into an arbitration or workers’ compensation hearing, it’s little wonder that Mr. Berg has been able to turn the tide in favor of the injured worker. He has managed to recover $1million for a neck and back injury after a slip and fall in a casino, $650,000 for a fall off a ladder and $500,000 for