US Business News Q2 2020

14 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , Masters of Civil Disputes When a case goes to trial, the high stakes involved can see even the most stalwart of lawyers buckle. It takes real skill to performwell in such a pressured environment. The teamat the Sultzer LawGroup P.C. manage these situations with practiced ease. Worthy winners in this year’s Legal Elite Awards, where they were named as Best Nationwide Civil Disputes Firm2020, we turn our attention to this impressive business to find out more. Apr20066 No one else looks for compromise when it comes to being represented legally, and the team at the Sultzer Law Group P.C. have the knowledge and experience to provide a premier service each and every time. When the going gets tough, this is a team that always manages to deliver in the courtroom, getting the results that clients desperately need. Led by Founding Partner Jason P. Sultzer, the Sultzer Law Group P.C. has grown significantly over the last few years. The talented team he has brought together has been able to turn their hand to a variety of different cases. Both individuals and companies have been able to benefit from the firm’s considerable expertise, with the company’s focus not directed to a specific aspect of the legal system but aimed directly at the process of litigation and trial practice. Because of the company’s focus on this part of the legal process, it’s not surprising that clients have come to appreciate the unique insights that the firm is able to provide. The lawyers at the Sultzer Law Group P.C. have become renowned for their creativity and tenacity on both sides of the docket. The team court arguing cases to judges and juries. Not a dime is wasted at any step of the process, with pre-trial discovery used as a tool to tell a story as opposed to a method of increasing the final bill. This experience means that the success in the room speaks for itself, with the Sultzer Law Group P.C. recognized as one of the most sophisticated and successful class action firms in the country. Over the years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been recovered on behalf of consumers nationwide. The Sultzer Law Group P.C. has made an enormous difference to people’s lives. In all, it’s little wonder that the Sultzer Law Group P.C. has become so highly regarded in the field. The team’s tenacity has brought them great success professionally. Few firms can claim to have the same depth of expertise. It’s a strategy that has required a bit of creative thinking, but one that will allow the Sultzer Law Group P.C. to thrive for years to come. Company: The Sultzer Law Group P.C. Contact: Jason P Sultzer Web Address: has over one hundred years of collective expertise, all of which is directed into the most complicated of civil disputes. At the Sultzer Law Group P.C., the focus is always on ensuring that anyone can access their services, and the lawyers have been proud to represent small and large companies, as well as individuals. Anybody can end up in a difficult situation, and the firm’s ability to tackle high-stakes cases such as “bet the company” class action lawsuits, general product liability matters, asbestos defense, commercial litigation, mass torts, and catastrophic personal injury cases is undisputed. Of course, not all cases go to trial, and many are settled out of the courtroom. Having an experienced team like the Sultzer Law Group P.C. on hand can be excellent leverage in this sort of situation, creating the impression to the opposition that the case is ready to go to trial. Generally, this statement of intent creates the best possible circumstances for a settlement. Should a trial go ahead, the team relish the opportunity to get into the courtroom. It’s what this team of lawyers does best. The team spends every day in