US Business News Q2 2020

10 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , The Wonder of InterWeave Smart Solutions As CRMs have become more important to the smooth operation of business, the need to keep themnot only updated but well integrated with other platforms has become equally essential. Named in US Business News’ Technology Elite Awards as Best SaaS Integration Platform, The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM from InterWeave Smart Solutions does exactly that. We looked a little more closely to see what it had to offer. Jan20223 Since beginning operations fourteen years ago, InterWeave Smart Solutions has focused specifically on creating the best possible “Integration- as-a-Service“ platform. The result was the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM, an intuitive, intelligent and configurable platform that gives clients an enormous amount of freedom to make the program suit them. The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM helps clients to integrate multiple enterprise systems, legacy applications, databases, files, content and web services. By making the program thoroughly comprehensive and configurable, users can create integrations that fit existing systems, setups, processes, and workflows. This not only allows companies to build, deploy and maintain integration solutions quickly, but to test them until they find the perfect fit. Fast, affordable, and specifically tailored to meet a client’s needs, InterWeave can jump-start or expand a company’s integration effort, generating immediate the team are working with two new CRM Vendors: Creatio and OROCRM. This will bring the inventory of solutions to a new operating environment. When it comes to configuring your perfect CRM integration solution, the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM is one which maintains a forward- thinking approach. As CEO Bruce Magown says, “If you’re thinking of implementing your CRM Integration, let the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM invite your team to work with our team. We only need a short online meeting to understand your requirements.” With such a strong history of success behind the business, it’s surely an easy decision to make. Company: InterWeave Smart Solutions Contact: Bruce Magown Website: business value and a rapid ROI. The company has undertaken over 8,000 CRM configurations since 2006 and is ideally positioned to support clients in this vital space, providing them with the expert knowledge regarding integrations they need. The CRM Partners that InterWeave work with are constantly evolving, so the team have had to work directly alongside them to see what they require. Working directly with Salesforce Consulting Partners, for example, has allowed InterWeave to understand how new technologies such as AI are being applied to these CRM’s vendors offerings. This means that InterWeave has been able to support these changes in real-time. InterWeave is looking forward to the future with renewed vigor and plans to further expand its service offerings. Currently,