Q2 2019

8 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2019 , CloudSmartz digital transformation program to support Seaborn’s existing software-defined products through customer portal automation. CloudSmartz Enhances Seaborn Networks’ Digital Transformation CloudSmartz, a global software company exclusively focused on next-generation solutions for Communications Service Providers, in collaboration with Seaborn Networks (“Seaborn”), a leading developer-owner- operator of subsea fiber optic cable systems, have recently announced that CloudSmartz will enable Seaborn’s digital transformation strategy and deployment over the next several months. Seaborn’s Seabras-1 offers the only direct POP-POP route between São Paulo, Brazil, and New York City, USA, and soon will offer an end-to-end automation platform that will enable services to be delivered by leading SDN technology. Seaborn and CloudSmartz will develop and deploy a fully integrated customer portal solution to automate Seaborn’s front-office processes, bringing more efficiency in their current sales, operations, inventory and service provisioning cycles, and provide real-time visibility into the service delivery functions across the organization. The platform will also enable on-demand SDN services and deliver bandwidth in near real-time delivery. Seaborn’s responsiveness and service delivery is already industry-leading. The partnership with CloudSmartz promises that Seaborn’s leadership position as a subsea communications service provider will be further solidified as the program supports its existing range of software-defined products to: • Enable Seaborn to provide the first real-time software- defined delivery platform in the Americas region for enhanced IP, Cloud and Transport services • Provide Seaborn’s customers with a full-service portal that enables them to: • Provision and amend Seabras-1 services in real time through a user-friendly self-service portal • Enter service queries and quickly see updates to active tickets, delivery activities and service history • See a detailed listing of all their Seabras-1 services, real-time usage information and billing status • Transform Seaborn to be able to provide the first customer-centric, on- demand service platform that will redefine the way in which services are delivered in the region and elevate the quality of service Seaborn provides to a new level within the international telecoms market. • Provide customers with a holistic view of their relationship with Seaborn through this intuitive portal • Offer customers the continued assurance of working with Seaborn’s owned and operated 24x7 NOC and DR NOC “CloudSmartz is very excited to enter our partnership with Seaborn, to not only enhance their customer experience but to enable the automation of their network and on-demand services as a next-generation subsea service provider,” says Dan Wagner, CEO, CloudSmartz. “We have been presented with the honor and privilege of helping a remarkable company rise to even greater heights – and look forward to a strong business partnership.” “We are pleased to be working with CloudSmartz to accelerate our digital transformation for our customers and partners,” comments Larry Schwartz, CEO of Seaborn. “CloudSmartz leadership has a strong understanding of the complexities of our network and customer demands – and a long history of executing.” For more information, please visit CloudSmartz at www. cloudsmartz.com and Seaborn Networks at www. seabornnetworks.com .

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