Q2 2019

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2019 , eMars Inc is an innovative technology specialist whose flagship solution, Compliant Client, helps to ensure that businesses accurately record their payroll. Having recognised the firm and this unique solution as Best Contractor Payroll Management Solution: eMars in our 2018 Technology Elite Awards we decided to check it out to find out more. Complainant Client: Cutting-Edge Payroll Software eMars developed the Compliant Client based on 20 years’ experience of one of the founders. This experience was enhanced by consultation with a number of government agencies and contractors. Finally, the solution was field tested for over one year in a live environment. Today, over 200 contractors are experiencing the benefits of the eMars web-based service known as the Compliant Client. The solutions’ popularity stems from its flexibility and speed. After all, payroll changes happen almost hourly on many construction sites because working conditions change. An employee may be asked to work in his secondary classification because the site is short of a key employee due to weather, family emergency, sudden illness, or a key piece of equipment breaks down. As such, any payroll system must be malleable to cope with a wide variety of reporting differences. Helping to eliminate any human error, the Compliant Client system’s interface captures the “dailies” from a construction site, then submits those changes directly into our certified payrolls. Compliant Client then matches the hours, electronically, submitted on the certified payroll to the actual hours on the construction site. This process replaces the manual task of making sure the certified payroll hours equal the manually collected hours recorded by the foreman. Thanks to its speed, versatility and security, Compliant Client system by eMars is the perfect solution for any business seeking worry-free, time-saving compliant payroll. The system is easy to install and use, and provides immediate, concurrent, real-time visibility of all payroll records of the sub, prime, plus the owner agency. All screens are printable and every submitted payroll is audited, online and in real time, against the wage determination and all 30 causes that are in support of Davis-Bacon and Related Acts. The results of these comparisons to the provisions set forth in the act are immediately reported, allowing corrections to be made promptly. The solution saves time, and therefore, money. A typical payroll is prepared in less than eight minutes, whereas Compliant Client requires a PC and less than 30 minutes of training. Complete implementation takes less than one day after loading the wage determination. Compared to paper-and-pencil preparation, the eMars system represents an 80 percent productivity improvement, plus instant recognition of payroll errors that prompt the user how to solve the problems and guarantee compliance. The system was designed with considerable input from the Department of Labor, agencies and contractors. Compliant Client’s more than 15,000 clients have not had any random Department of Labor audits for the past three years. The Department of Labor’s Chief of Compliance stated that “your system already has completed the first level of an audit.” Compliant Client also encrypts at-rest data, giving another layer of security for this sensitive data, disallowing use of the information. In today’s market compliance is vital, and Complainant Client supports businesses to remain complaint at all times, as the name suggests. Among the regulations it supports users to be compliant with is the Davis- Bacon Act, passed by congress in 1931, which requires private contractors to pay “prevailing wages” to employees on all federally funded construction projects valued more than $2,000. Stiff fines, debarment and jail time can result if payroll checks are not in compliance with this act. There are 30 compliance regulations that must be adhered to for every check, and thirty issues for each check. Therefore, if a business has 100 employees, that is 3,000 possible errors that could occur every week. If it has 500 employees, there are 15,000 possible errors that must not happen. The time involved to keep watch over 30 compliance issues for 100 employees is staggering, and as such Complaint Client does the hard work on the businesses behalf to reduce their stress and provide them with the support they need. Looking to the future, through its Compliant Client offering eMars will continue to support a wide range of businesses and help them understand the importance of compliance in payroll. Company: eMars Inc Contact: Woodrow Chamberlain Website: www.emarsinc.com Nov181011

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