Q2 2019

24 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2019 , OUTFRONT Media Expands Out-Of-Home Assets in Philadelphia With New Bike Share Partnership NewExclusive partnershipwith the operator of Philadelphia’s Indego bike share programaddsmore than one hundred bike stations to OUTFRONTMedia’s inventory. OUTFRONT Media Inc. recently announced the expansion of its urban advertising offering in Philadelphia with the addition of 133 bike share stations in partnership with Bicycle Transit Systems, operators of Philadelphia’s Indego bike share program. Through this partnership, OUTFRONT Media is primed to impact socially responsible, health-conscious demographics during a crucial time when the environment is at the forefront of both state and federal conversations. This new offering will give OUTFRONT Media brand partners the opportunity to strategically target and engage hard-to-reach audiences, including millennials and business people. Brands are now able to purchase the new inventory, which will consist of static displays located at bike share stations across Philadelphia’s busiest neighborhoods, including the City Center area. “Bicycle Transit prides itself on the quality of the programs we run,” said Alison Cohen, CEO of Bicycle Transit Systems. “We strive to make bike share an integral part of the cities we serve, and we’re thrilled to be partnered with OUTFRONT Media. They share our commitment to quality and investment in the places where people want to be.” Now more than ever, people are paying attention to the way in which their lifestyle choices impact their local community and environment. According to a 2019 CBS News poll 59 percent of Americans think humanity can do something to either stop or slow down climate change. This has fueled a wave of environmentally conscious products and services, including bike share systems. With this new partnership OUTFRONT Media is enabling companies to associate their brand with a green initiative. “At OUTFRONT, we aim to become part of the community by showcasing advertising that is both interesting and relevant to local residents in that area,” said Jodi Senese, Chief Marketing Officer at OUTFRONT Media. “With this new addition to our advertising inventory, we are able to help health, fitness and environmentally-focused brands reach like-minded consumers throughout Philadelphia.” OUTFRONT Media is the nation’s leading advertising company for bike share systems with partnerships in several other prominent markets, including Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Boston.