Q1 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2019 17 , UrbanFootprint and ICLEI partner to help cities take smart climate action. Taking Smart Climate Action UrbanFootprint, a Berkeley-based location intelligence and urban planning software company, today announced their partnership with ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability USA, a global network of local governments committed to creating sustainable, equitable, and resilient communities. “We are ecstatic to team up with ICLEI to bring local governments the tools they need to reduce emissions, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and create smart climate adaptation plans,” shares UrbanFootprint Co-Founder Joe DiStefano. “UrbanFootprint customers will be able to quickly measure emissions impacts for current and future land use scenarios with assumptions that align with ICLEI’s ClearPath, the leader in civic emissions management and climate preparedness.” UrbanFootprint and ICLEI’s partnership brings extra support to local governments striving to address the challenges of climate change with the creation of smart climate adaptation plans. As UrbanFootprint and ICLEI prepare for the future alignment of the two software platforms, the goal is to help cities break through departmental silos and bridge the gap between city sustainability and land use planning. As part of this partnership, new UrbanFootprint Civic customers will get a no- cost, one-year membership to ICLEI, and current ICLEI members will receive a discount to purchase UrbanFootprint’s planning and analysis software. “Partnering with UrbanFootprint strengthens our shared mission of supporting sustainable, equitable communities,” says ICLEI USA Executive Director Angie Fyfe. “As we look to integrate ClearPath’s emissions assumptions into UrbanFootprint’s suite of analytics modules, ICLEI members will not only be able to assess current emissions, but also understand how future land use changes may impact emissions in their community.”