Q1 2019

10 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2019 , Swizznet offers hosting solutions to help accountants and SME’s connect and collaborate from any computer ormobile device with an Internet connection. Recently, we profiled Swizznet and spoke to Kristin Callanwho provided us with a detailed insight into the successful company. Maximizing The Efficiency Of Your Office Operations Established in 2007, Swizznet takes the power of QuickBooks and Sage to the next level by provides turn-key solutions with anytime, anywhere access and zero IT headaches. Swizznet delivers the most seamless and reliable hosted accounting platform and backs it up with passionate US-based customer support. Built by accountants, for accountants, Swizznet specializes in helping those who need a flexible and robust cloud solution – including custom integrations, specialized software hosting and a complete office in the cloud. Clients enjoy instant setup and full control via the on-demand, self-service marketplace. Kristin begins by going into further detail about the firm’s mission and how Swizznet ensures that they achieve their main goal. “Here at Swizznet, our commitment to providing the absolute best technology paired with premier support and service is what really set us apart for the competition. “As for our mission, it is to offer a secure platform that provides solutions for small to medium-sized companies to eliminate IT headaches and add Dec18566 unlimited mobility and scalability for accounting and business applications. We pair our platform with Obsessive Support ® for a seamless and reliable experience – all day, every day. By partnering with the best software and web applications available, we host comprehensive solutions for every facet of business and facilitate access to accounting software to maximize the efficiency of back office operations.” Swizznet delivers their exceptional service to a diverse clientele. When discussing the clients that the firm serves, Kristin is keen to highlight how each member of the team works tirelessly to ensure that they not only deliver a service which surpasses their expectations but also benefits both parties involved. “Overall, we take a personalized, custom approach to clients to find the best solution to fit their business. Everyone in our organization understands that we are a customer service organization that happens to provide cloud accounting solutions. We have a culture of ‘ whatever it takes ’ to service our clients and we measure our success by our customer’s satisfaction.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Kristin and the team at Swizznet will continue to deliver their innovative solutions, which have seen them receive numerous accolades with their most recent achievement of being selected in US Business News’ Technology Elite Awards 2018 as the Best Cloud-Based Accounting Software Provider 2018. Speaking of the win, Kristin signs off by revealing what the recognition means for the firm and to what Swizznet attributes their extraordinary success. “We are honored to be acknowledged for the hard work we put into serving our clients each day. As a whole, we believe that our success is measured by the success that our clients enjoy by optimizing their interaction with their accounting software, which provides them with the ability to focus on driving revenue and innovation in their business, instead of on back-office IT management. We have an amazing team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the best solutions in the market with unparalleled Obsessive Support ® to ensure that at the end of the day, we are all associated with a solution we can be proud of.” Contact: Kristin Callan Company: Swizznet Telephone: 888 794 9948 Website: www.swizznet.com

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