N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 99 , JXJ Technologies scoop Best ElectronicMedical Care R&D Company - Southeast USA title. How are they taking the healthcare tech industry by storm? Role Reversal – Keeping Mom and Dad Safe Healthcare and wearable tech is starting to become old news, but when that tech can save lives and call for help quickly when necessary, it might be time to look again. JXJ Technologies have collaborated with a wide range of doctors and leading healthcare and technology industry professionals to develop the jWotch – a health-monitoring, wearable, forward-thinking smartwatch which is also able to make calls, transfer location data and update relatives via text message should the wearer need assistance. The firm have partnered with emergency service providers to ensure that the watch is always able to access a dedicated line to seek help in an emergency. Lines are also available for the watch to open, should the bearer be cognizant enough to help themselves with professional guidance via phone call, which is an ideal method of saving emergency services time and budgets, without sacrificing the wellbeing of a person in need. JXJ Technologies are an enterprise group driven by scientific and technological innovation. With healthcare tech taking center stage as technology infiltrates everyday life and provides better standards of living, care and functionality. The company bases their products in M2M portable communications, developing software which incorporates automated and datamated health analysis systems, then constructing and streamlining the production of the physical equipment to embody that software and ensure that it works well with the human body and normal, everyday movements and obstacles. The services and products offered by JXJ Technologies are spread over numerous platforms which interconnect with one another to form a functioning wearable healthcare monitor and communications device. They utilize the Internet of things, recent jumps in big data processes, cloud computing and bio-sensing technologies to record, track, analyze and sense issues within the wearer’s health data. The different models of the JWotch sense different levels and amounts of data, but the most common features found in the technology produced by JXJ technologies are; heart rate sensor, breathing sensors, blood sugar tracking, body heat and blood pressure monitoring. By collecting so much data about the wearer’s situation, health and normal health levels, the jWotch can analyze the data it stores and transfer this to an app, which is now being used by private doctors to give accurate diagnoses and treatments to patients – this is very effective, since patients’ explanations of symptoms and health concerns are often not as accurate as the data being collected and it may reduce misdiagnoses and missed symptoms. JXJ Technologies believe that wearable healthcare tech which only stores and collects data, without offering any practical functions, such as analyzing, offering feedback and generating healthcare advice is irresponsible of healthcare tech creators and strive to include as many useful features as possible into their products. The jWotch has an easy-to-find SOS button, which is red and visible in the dark, which, when pressed for 3 seconds will alert the closest emergency response unit and will automatically connect the user to a telephone conversation with a healthcare provider who can assist remotely whilst the ambulance is travelling. The jWotch then sends the wearer’s data to the emergency response staff and allows for the quick and easy transfer of the patient’s condition in real time, with comparable past data for analysis. The jWotch also have a 6-axis balance sensor, which activates should the wearer fall to the ground in an accident or emergency, once again, this alerts emergency response teams and ensures that the wearer has fast access to the necessary care and attention. Some models will even activate a call to a nominated relative, once the emergency services have been alerted, and in the event of a non-answer, will send an automatic text message to any nominated relatives and caregivers to notify them of the circumstances. JXJ Technologies are marketing their products toward concerned relatives of older or disable individuals, as a safety precaution. This is excellent as it has many features which are comforting to both vulnerable people and their loved ones. This company is offering true technological innovation for peace of mind all round. Company: JXJ Technologies Inc. Name: Jiannan Xiang Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.jxjtech.com Address: 1 Meca Way, Norcross, Georgia, 30093 Telephone: +1 404 909 8017 BO17013

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