N America News May 2017

82 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Professional Services Bookkeeping offer personalized and tailored accounting nd bookkeeping services to businesses in theMiami area, taking extra care to ensure that the personal touch is always present. Accounting with Personality Professional Services Bookkeeping Inc was created in 1961 with the goal to provide the highest degree of professionalism at a very friendly and affordable level. This company provides not only the best customer service but a broader range of consulting services to meet our clients’ growing needs. The company’s mission specializes in providing clients with a wide range of accounting and consulting services to meet all their personal and professional needs. While their vision is to do business with their clients at a personal level and for them to receive the confidence that they are being guided by professionals. Personal Attention Professional Services Bookkeeping Inc. selects a dedicated team of accounting professionals to staff an accounting department tailored to suit each client’s business needs. This team consists of a full-charge bookkeeper, an accounting software specialist, and a controller. Additional accounting staff can be added as required based on your business activity. Professional Services Bookkeeping handles all your daily accounting needs: invoices and statements, accounts payable, cash receipts and disbursements, payroll, bank reconciliations and recurring reports. Your bookkeeper will be in contact with you daily by Instant Messenger, email or phone with any questions or concerns. Each client is assigned a full-charge bookkeeper who is responsible for the daily entry of accounting transactions – vendor bills, customer invoices, bill payments, customer payments and deposits, and other disbursements and withdrawals. The bookkeeper maintains complete and up-to-date detailed Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and cash account ledgers and provides daily or weekly reports on these and other critical areas of business management. The bookkeeper either processes payroll or makes the necessary entries to record payroll processed by a third-party provider. In either case, payroll entries will include complete recording of gross wages, employer tax and other payroll expenses, and payroll liabilities. Accounting software specialists are assigned to ensure that each client’s accounting data file is set up correctly to fit their business model and to provide the reporting functionality their business requires, and that their bookkeeper is fully trained in how to process activity appropriately in each accounting file. Although they specialize in QuickBooks® and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions® accounting software. Clients are also assigned a controller, who conducts a periodic review of their general ledger alongside their bookkeeper, to ensure all activity is posted correctly and that any necessary cash to accrual or income recognition adjustments have been made. The frequency of the review depends on the level of controllership services clients select, but at minimum the review takes place monthly. After each monthly review, the controller issues financial statements and locks the accounting data file for the period so that no data can be changed after the reports are issued without the controller’s full knowledge and permission. The controller then distributes the financial reports package for the month to designated personnel at the client company. Monthly or quarterly, this report package includes a management letter explaining the significance of the financial reports and calling attention to critical business ratios and areas of concern, alongside this is an invitation to meet with the controller for a thorough review and discussion of the client’s financial reports. Specialized Accounting Services Accounts Receivable reports for collection and cash flow management are prepared and delivered to clients per their chosen schedule, this means that finance changes can be assessed on overdue invoices based on the company’s payment terms and conditions, and statements can be initiated and transmitted when desired. Prior to taking deposits to the bank, clients scan the deposit slip and each of the items to be deposited. Then creates an email and uploads the file when it is convenient. The client’s bookkeeper will post the customer payments against the appropriate customer invoices and record the bank deposit on behalf of the client. Bookkeepers can process payroll or make the necessary entries to record payroll processed by a third-party provider. In either case, payroll entries include complete recording of gross wages, employer taxes and other payroll expenses, and payroll liabilities, and quarterly and annual reconciliation of general ledger balances to payroll returns. If needed, the clients’ bookkeeper can also initiate transfers from their operating bank account to their payroll bank account to cover payroll if these accounts are held by the same bank. Bookkeepers have access to view and download transaction history and bank statements, and, if desired, to transfer funds between business accounts at the clients’ bank. Bookkeeper do not have the authority to sign checks or to initiate electronic payments that have not been 1702CA20

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