N America News May 2017

80 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Miles LeHane provide coaching, support and services designed for business leaders, managers and executives tomake the most of their positions and further the experiences of both themselves and their companies to produce better results in the future. Teaching the Top Talent Miles LeHane has a rich tradition of Service that started with Lou LeHane in 1978, creating the premier consulting support to senior executives in the greater Washington area as well as across the country. Headquartered in the historic Glenfiddich House (Harrison Hall) executives and professionals would focus on the future. After Lou’s retirement, David and Melanie acquired the firm in the early 90’s following a 25-year career with Marriott/Saga Corporation. Building on the excellence of the firm, new goals were established to grow and expand the service offerings as well as reaching out around the globe as businesses and clients expanded their horizons. Today, after almost 40 years of business, Miles LeHane is known for its ability to assist individuals and organizations in accomplishing strategic transformations to meet and exceed stakeholder goals. This tradition of focused quality support is being carried forward with Scott Miles and their team of accomplished coaches, counsellors and consultants. Poised to service the needs of leaders and organizations, Miles LeHane blends critical thinking with experienced team members to assist their clients and program participants. Their willingness to listen, learn and partner allows them to become trusted advisors focusing on success. Today and in the future, their history sets the platform to deliver world class support with a humanistic focus to all. Miles LeHane offers comprehensive Strategic Management services for organizations, focusing on the people who make the business, where the business is now and where the client hopes it will be in the future. By taking an objective third- party view of an organization, its strategies, and human resources operations, then meeting with key stakeholders. The company is able to make note and listen to the concerns from all involved parties and gain a deep understanding of the system and procedures currently in place before developing a plan, and determining stages of implementation. At Miles LeHane, one size does not fit all. Each plan is developed and implemented for each client, taking into account their size, industry, culture and current and future markets. Miles LeHane’s approach to Coaching begins with a structure that is customized and balanced to focus on the mutually “contracted” success objective agreed to by the Stakeholder (usually the employer), the Participant (entrepreneur, executive, manager or technical professional), and the Coach. Miles LeHane works with five Coaching Models; Coaching for Leadership: Here, the focus is on leadership support at the top of an organization. The higher one goes up the corporate ladder, the fewer peers there are to whom an executive can turn for support. The adage, “It’s lonely at the top,” certainly applies here. Miles LeHane’s Coaches become the support base for the executive— exploring the issues with which the executive must deal. Coaching for Development and Success: This type of coaching focuses on current or future assignments or opportunities. This is an undertaking to prepare an executive for that next step. Whilst everyone has strengths and weaknesses, the coaches explore with the executive which attributes helped get him or her to their present position, and what attributes might be or have been a potential anchor to hold them in place. “Accentuating the positive” is the thrust of this model. Coaching for Performance: The concentration of this type of coaching is on enhancement for current and future challenges. Does a manager have a rough spot to be smoothed out before he or she is ready for that next advancement? This model addresses a single issue—a weakness—a flaw that needs to be explored in depth, whether it is a personal characteristic that needs to be changed or a business skill that needs to be improved or altered. Coaching for Defined Project: Organizations are constantly experiencing change at a rate beyond normal time requirements that would allow a gradual transition. Project coaching enhances successful transformation in a condensed time frame and reduces unintended negative consequences. Coaching for Balance: The underlying principle is that people are naturally resourceful, creative and whole. From a practical standpoint, this means that with guided probing questions, they will find solutions within themselves. They are fully capable of finding their own answers, with the coach being more of a guide, rather than an advisor or mentor. The role of the coach is not to tell them what to do, nor is it to “fix” them. Rather, through deep and curious questions, let them discover their own way out of their box. A consultant helps solve a particular set of problems, whereas a coach helps the client discover themselves as they create the life they envision. Miles LeHane have also released a book surrounding “The Four Pillars of Employable Talent”, which allows individuals and companies to identify, recruit and retain job candidates with 1703CA28

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