N America News May 2017

78 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Conley & Associates, Inc. provide military-grade vehicles, products and services to both military and commercial clients. Military Equipment & Service Provider Top of the Ranks in Their Industry Conley & Associates, Inc., (CAI) is a small business headquartered near St. Louis, Missouri. Their major facility and warehouse are in Newport News, Virginia. Additional offices in the Middle-East and the Pacific Rim allow them to further serve their customers worldwide. Founded in 1983, Conley has over 30 years’ experience in maintenance management. With a team of qualified technicians and subject matter experts, Conley performs troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair for both military and commercial clients. Conley & Associates, Inc., was established in 1983 by James Conley and incorporated in 1987. The company’s origins were tied to the Army Watercraft Fleet which is concentrated in the Ft. Eustis, Virginia area. Services were primarily centered on the integration of communications and navigation systems. Conley also installed and supported the Harbor Master operation at Ft. Eustis. Included in this installation were the systems necessary to communicate with Army vessels deployed throughout the world. The company’s capabilities were quickly augmented by a growing competence in repairing and maintaining heavy automotive and marine equipment. The ability to author various types of manuals allowed the company to further expand its diversity. Since then, Conley has evolved into a total life cycle product support company. They now provide a complete array of logistics and product support services, as well as program management, maintenance and repair services, training development and delivery, and technical documentation and authoring. CAI recognizes the importance of the relationship we have with their clients; understanding what their customers need allows Conley to deliver the highest quality products and services. They are committed to exceeding their clients’ expectations, delivering products and services on time and within budget, and fostering a culture in which excellence is expected. Conley is committed to delivering the highest quality products, maintenance and repair services, and life cycle support solutions on time and within budget to both their military and commercial customers. CAI maintains high standards of service through acting in a professional manner towards customers and fellow associates. They understand that this is an industry in which excellence is demanded and outstanding performance is rewarded. Conley continue to build a team of highly qualified employees who value their teammates and customers. They are committed to pursuing technology and new capabilities that differentiate Conley & Associates, Inc. from its competition. Conley’s leadership team is comprised of experienced managers who are committed to customer service. The executive staff is focused on recruiting and developing the most qualified and dedicated workforce available; JC has over 30 years’ experience in the defense industry. After joining his father’s business in 1997, he was chosen to manage the company’s logistics projects. He was then promoted to Director of Operations, and later, Chief Operating Officer. In 2004, JC became President of CAI. Bob Conley has over 13 years’ experience as a defense contractor, including 8 years of hands on experience with the C4ISR Program. As Vice President, Bob performs key functions in purchasing, contracts, and general administration of the company. Mike Grieshaber has 30 years of government finance experience including accounting, treasury, contracts, and IT. He has worked with McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) and Engineered Support Systems (ESSI). Mike is a member of the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP). Frank A. Tricomi is a retired Army Colonel and served more than 27 years in a variety of command and senior staff assignments. His military assignments included program, acquisition, and contract management positions. Since retiring in 1995, he served as Executive Director of the Wisconsin Procurement Institute, Director of Program Management at Engineered Air Systems, and President of ESSIbuy.com, Inc., an e-commerce and supply chain management company. Jen Reinkober is a retired Army Colonel with more than 22 years of commissioned service. Her military assignments included transportation and logistics positions in a variety of locations. She served both in the United States and overseas, including Iraq, Kuwait, Korea, and Saudi Arabia. She also has extensive experience with Army watercraft. Since her retirement, Jen served as a Logistics Analyst with Alion Science and Technology, working with the US Navy, until joining the team at CAI. Over the last 30 years, Conley & Associates, Inc., has developed a robust maintenance management capability and has successfully assembled a highly qualified team of technicians, subject matter experts (SME), and support staff. Conley technicians provide troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, and warranty work for a variety of military and commercial customers. Technicians have experience with a wide range of tracked and wheeled 1702CA22

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