N America News May 2017

54 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , ET2C offers transparent sourcing and procurement services that add value to global supply chains. Supply Chain Innovation is ET2C’s mission and director Jamie Archer-Perkins tells us more. Venturing into Unchartered Waters The company began in May 2001 as a web-based sourcing platform (hence the origin of the name; the original name was e-trade2China) to allow clients the opportunity to work with the Chinese market and supply base. The firm soon recognized that it wanted to help clients to develop close relationship, especially where language, culture and time difference are present. “We moved away from a simple website for our clients to a more service-focused model that ensured our clients were able to gain entry into low cost country manufacturing areas,” explains company director, Jamie Archer- Perkins. “With a focus on service, we have grown to a company of approximately 250 staff in offices all over the world.” Indeed the firm’s client portfolio now ranges from publicly quoted companies through to SMEs, retailers through to wholesalers based in the US, UK, EU and Australia and New Zealand. “Our mission is to deliver long- term solution to your supply chains that create price and quality benefits for your buying and selling operations in Asia,” embellishes Jamie. “With a focus on service and risk-mitigation, we deliver tailor-made results that cover the source to shelf process for your company. By leveraging our extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, ET2C pledges to ensure that clients avoid all risks that can arise when investing in Asia.” The ability to effectively source and sell in global markets has become a vital part of every company’s ability to operate in an increasingly competitive environment. At the same time, navigating these international markets requires specific business culture understandings and language aptitude in order to guarantee consistent quality from your foreign partners. This is where ET2C really comes into its own. “Whether your company is already buying in Asia, or you wish to expend internationally, we believe that our flexible and tailored solutions can enhance your global strategy by delivering constant revenue growth to your business.” The ET2C Advantage • Procurement services cover a wide range of options to enhance your ability to manage Asian suppliers • Key focus is to provide transparency, significantly benefitting the various stages of production • With a passion for understanding all components of a critical path the firm delivers on price, quality and service • ET2C has talented people with local knowledge to guide clients through the complexities of Asian manufacturing ET2C’s Values Quality Assurance – As product quality is highly connected with consumer trust and loyalty, the firm makes quality assurance one of its primary goals. With a stringent and exhaustive audit process, ET2C guarantees that orders will arrive at free of any flaw or defect. It strongly believes in upholding its reputation for conducting rigorous testing processes in order to assure that products are of paramount quality. Risk Mitigation - With years of experience in south-east Asia, ET2C is aware of all hidden dangers and sudden contingencies that could harm an organisation that is new in the region. For every client, the firm leverages its experience and considers all possible externalities in order to save clients from any risk that could hinder their growth in Asia. Risk mitigation is an important pillar of the company and it will stop at nothing to keep clients’ sourcing operations secure and protected. Supply Chain Transparency – ET2C is delighted to guide clients along every step of the supply chain while making a customised solution for their sourcing operations in Asia. The experienced team is at clients’ service and ready to make their source to shelf process as comfortable as possible. As always, ET2C will provide clients with every document to the fullest detail in order to provide utmost transparency while it manages clients’ Asian operations. Future Currently, ET2C is exploring new markets and finding innovative suppliers to better serve its clients. “We will stop at nothing to find the best products available and continue to increase our demands for product quality on our suppliers,” enthuses Jamie. “Our company looks forward to opening more offices internationally in order to meet you face to face more often. “After mastering the Chinese manufacturing industry, ET2C is entering new supplier bases to find cost saving solutions from reputable sources. We are currently extending our supplier bases in Vietnam and India while already sending routine orders from both countries. ET2C remains focused on service first and foremost, and pledges to serve our clients to our fullest in whichever country they choose to source from.” 1702CA46

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