N America News May 2017

52 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Glazer Financial Network is a full-service financial firmdedicated to providing unique solutions to the monetary, financial, and tax problems of professionals. Plan to Plan Glazer specializes in a custom analysis for each professional with specific suggestions directed to potentially: • Increase net worth • Lower effective income tax bracket • Use qualified plans to generate tax deferred growth and tax-deferred income • Lower estate taxes • Protect and preserve client assets (this information can save professionals significant dollars) • Stay up-to-date with all tax law changes benefiting a client and their family Personalized Service Glazer Financial Network was assembled with the client in mind. The firm offers a broad array of financial services whether that be financial planning, insurance coverage or running a business’ day-to-day bookkeeping; allowing clients the ease of working with one firm for all financial needs. Glazer prides itself on offering each client an objective analysis and a comprehensive look at the best scenarios available for their personal situation. The team is dedicated to prompt and timely service and is open year round. Tax Solutions The experienced and knowledgeable staff at Glazer Financial Network specialize in the monetary, financial and tax problems of professionals. Tax savings at any tax bracket are as important as a Return on Investment. Both develop current cash flow! Glazer offers a number of personalized services in the following areas: • Tax Preparation Tax preparation services of all kinds including personal, corporate, amended, non-filed and more. • Tax Consulting & Planning The biggest cost and hindrance to accumulating net worth is taxes and penalties. Glazer keeps clients up-to-date on changes as well as likely changes on the way; anticipating the direction, the problems that will surface and be ready to provide solutions. • IRS Audit Representation Don’t face the IRS alone! Avoid the unneeded stress and let the qualified staff handle the sometimes gruelling process. • Bookkeeping & Payroll The firm offers personalized and professional payroll solutions specifically designed to meet clients business’ needs. • The GFN Plan The GFN Plan uses a Family Limited Partnership to potentially lower income tax liability and maximize the preservation of client’s assets. • International Tax Planning Glazer offers a wide range of expat and foreign national tax planning and compliance services. Investments At Glazer Financial Network, the road toward meeting investor goals starts with a conversation and the building of trust. The firm needs to know ‘who’ its clients are before beginning down the path of what they want to accomplish. Through the Glazer process, the firm talks with clients about first their needs, goals, and dreams. Glazer provides investment management advisory services to individuals and businesses seeking preservation of capital, income, and long-term capital appreciation. It believes that a co-ordinated effort between portfolio management and financial planning is the requisite approach to building a complete wealth management solution and is committed, through financial planning and disciplined money management, to assist investors in realizing their financial goals. The firm helps clients accumulate, grow, protect, preserve and transfer their wealth. This includes setting goals, developing and implementing investment strategies and monitoring their impact. It also helps clients take advantage of financial opportunities and avoid financial problems. Elements of a comprehensive plan may include retirement, estate planning, protection (i.e., insurance), education, budgeting, debt management, and other financial needs, as well as investment advice and management. Glazer considers all aspects of how clients view, value, and handle their money and wealth, such as career and work expectations, how they spend and invest their money, and how they will leave a legacy. Insurance The need for insurance is inevitable and absolute regardless of age, gender or income. Financial protection for clients and their loved ones against any sudden tragedy is the ultimate purpose of having insurance. Should clients choose to buy insurance, Glazer Financial Network will be ready to guide them and agents are well informed and educated on the policies available and will be ready to assist in any way possible to make sure they are getting the most fitting policy for their needs. Pensions The Pension Specialists, Inc. is an independent third party administrator for benefit and retirement plans. Glazer’s mission is to meet its client’s objectives by providing excellent service. The Pension Specialists, Inc. provide services to many well-known companies, which include, Broker Dealers, Investment Firms, CPA Firms, Law Firms, Medical Groups, Hospitals, Engineers and Retail Businesses. Securities offered through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA / SIPC. 6451 N. Federal Highway, Suite 1201, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 (954) 782-4771. Advisory Services offered through GFN Capital Management a Registered Investment Advisor. GFN Capital Management and Glazer Capital Management are not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc or Kovack Advisors, Inc. 1701CA23

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