N America News May 2017

50 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , For more than 30 years, JD& Associates (JDAS), a privately held provider of executive search solutions, has been dedicated to excellence. The Perfect Fit With a proven track record of presenting the best and brightest candidates to the clients it serves, JDAS is a private firm by choice and employs a very small, highly talented and credentialed staff that ensures that each and every search assignment receives the firm’s very best efforts and attention to detail. In fact, the founder of the firm is engaged in every, single assignment believing that outcomes from each of the firm’s engagements are a reflection of the vision she had more than 30 years ago. Industries: • Healthcare, City and Government- local/state/ federal) • Consumer Goods • Education • Pharmaceuticals • Banking and Finance • Biotech • Technology Functional Areas of Expertise: • C-Level Executives • Accounting & Finance • Human Resources • Engineering • Information Technology • Sales & Business Development • Manufacturing, Operations & Procurement • Marketing & Merchandising Services: • Executive Search • Human Resources Consulting (Career Counseling & Career Transition Services) • Background Verification • Outsourcing JDAS offers flexibility and timely solutions to all of its client’s needs. Additionally, recognizing that there is a growing awareness, and need placed on the value of a diverse workforce, JDAS takes pride in its ability to find a great variety of quality candidates that meet and often exceed client’s expectations. The firm’s clients range across industries and include some of the world’s largest companies, including Fortune 100 enterprises, medium-sized and small entrepreneurial entities, including start-ups. The JDAS leadership team is supported by first-rate associates and researchers, and all are backed by state-of-the-art technology. As the executive search partner of choice, based on its values and business practices, the JDAS team seeks candid feedback on its performance overall, and on each and every interaction. Its goal is continuous improvement, and it uses the feedback provided by clients to assess areas of opportunity and to refine its processes and practices in every area of engagement. Values As executive search professionals, JDAS believes in transparency, respect, courtesy and honesty throughout the entire process. And, it knows all too well, that the insights offered, the advice imparted and the solutions provided can have significant impact on a clients’ business and the careers of others. The firm recognizes these responsibilities and takes them very seriously. At JD & Associates, Inc. (JDAS) the mission is to obtain ‘The Perfect Fit’. Using the JDAS proprietary assessment tool, the team is able to assess candidate’s capabilities, skills and organizational fit and believes that the perfect fit is achieved through a three-tier approach to effective placement and retention of quality employees. The three tiers or dimensions are: • Competency • Compatibility • Chemistry JDAS’s focus and specialized expertise in key areas gives the firm the opportunity to act as consultants, as well as, recruiters to identify and present the candidates that meet each client’s specific needs. Last, but not least, as a partnership, JDAS values long-term relationships above short-term gain and goes above and beyond to assure that it does its very best work on every assignment. Firm History • 2012 – JD & Associates has been certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by the Texas Unified Certification Program since 1988 through Present. • 2010 – JD & Associates, Inc. further expanded into the education sector including focus on K-12 and Higher Education institutions including both public and private institutional needs. • 2000 – JD & Associates, Inc. partnered with The DeBose Group, Inc. whose focus and expertise was healthcare and established JD & Associates Medical Recruiter. • 1988 – JD & Associates, Inc. was incorporated under the parent company named Croxton Consulting Group, Incorporated. • 1980 – JD & Associates, Inc. was established and incorporated as a national search and management recruiting firm. • 1979 – Terri Croxton, sole proprietor of her own career specialist company, invested the time, talent, and seed money into formally founding JD & Associates, Inc. 1702CA83

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