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44 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Rachel St. Fleur is a Georgia-based lawyer with over 10 years of experience, offering great advice, personalized services and expertise in underrepresented areas of law. As winners of the Lawyers of the Year – Georgia award, we took the chance to profile the firm’s important work. Father’s Rights Finally get the Representation They Deserve The Law Office of Rachel St. Fleur is Rachel St. Fleur’s legal practice and a refuge for people seeking representation in a range of often overlooked areas of law. From custody cases and father’s rights, to probate law and misdemeanor criminal law, Rachel has dedicated her time and career to becoming the leading attorney in Georgia, offering a range of services which are simple not available in other practices. The firm’s mission is: “Here at The Law Office of Rachel St. Fleur we take pride in our hands-on personal approach with each one of our clients. We believe in giving one-on- one attention and catering to their needs. We are committed to taking a genuine interest in our clients, understanding their objectives and meeting or exceeding their expectations. Our firm’s mission is to provide creative, fair, high quality results while preserving and promoting the legal justice system.” This is reflected in every action, process and case taken by the firm. Rachel’s reputation as a hands-on attorney has been established over ten years in the legal industry. With specialist knowledge in the areas of criminal probate and family law, Rachel offers bespoke, affordable services to Georgia residents seeking support for the harder times in life. Rachel is known to prioritize client cases over corporations seeking legal representation, due to her commitment and dedication to representing the individuals and underrepresented parties in her local and wider community. Clients represented by Rachel do not just get a lawyer, they get a logical, honest and straight-forward relationship which will allow them to understand the facts in the most basic way, without broaching on being insensitive or condescending. The Law Office of Rachel St. Fleur is in downtown Decatur, GA, the hometown of Rachel. The lawyers’ passions include helping everyday members of her community fight for their rights. Whether that’s a father seeking his rights, or a concerned individual seeking to make a will and leave their estate in an organized and safe manner for their loved ones. Rachel’s main specialty is family law, besides being an avid supporter of and campaigner for the often-forgotten father’s rights, with a successful track record and niche interest in the subject, she also uses her expertise to guide individuals and couples through divorces, custody battles and family loss. When it comes to father’s rights, Rachel is an expert. She has spent her career enacting cases and enabling decision which are favorable for the wellbeing of their child. Her main interest is that disputes between parents end in a way which is beneficial to, and in the best interests of, any children involved. Whilst law and society may still lean favorably toward granting all rights to mothers, leaving father’s in the dark, Rachel is a leader in the campaign for equal rights for both sets of single parents, taking circumstances into consideration rather than focusing on gender. During criminal law cases, Rachel is an aggressive defender, using every ounce of her energy to fight for her clients and impact her client’s lives everyday – as well as those of her client’s families and friends. From simple traffic cases like speeding, ticket offenses and license suspension, to more serious cases including assault, domestic violence and drug- related cases, Rachel has the experience, expertise and knowledge to handle cases of all severity and size. Rachel may be aggressive when it comes to defense, but in her family law cases, she opts for a softer approach, seeking a resolution which mutually benefits and is fair for all involved parties. This gentle approach extends the estate planning, where Rachel is the top name in her field. Willing to have the hard conversations and discuss the unpredictability of the future, whilst remaining calm, understanding, yet practical. Rachel is the lawyer in Georgia who can handle a hard-hitting, aggressive criminal case and sensitively guide another individual through the writing of their will in the same day, without breaking a sweat. On the other side of the coin, Rachel is also well-versed in assisting families who are experiencing a loss and may be unsure how to proceed in legal matters. Estate management and control is usually decided prior to the bereavement; however, Rachel is happy to assist where she can in unresolved estates and disputed inheritance cases. When dealing with probate cases, Rachel’s office ensures that each client is revisited on a regular basis. Rachel understands that personal circumstances can change throughout life and that estate planning should reflect that 1703CA32

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