N America News May 2017

36 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Judge is an industry leader in technology, talent and learning solutions designed to boost organizations’ long-termgrowth and sustainability. The company received the Recruiter of the Year 2016 - Illinois award, after whichwe invited Kevin B. Mcgrath to cast light on the keys to the firm’s successful 45-year track record. Long-Term Growth and Sustainability Judge is a family- owned business which has grown globally with offices in the United States, Canada, India and China. Whether it is moving your systems to the cloud, building out a team for your next project, finding healthcare talent for your organization, filling that mission critical direct hire to lead your team, or training your employees on the latest technology, Judge was founded as a staffing firm, and staffing is still a large part of our business. Our 35+ offices place more than 4,500 professionals in both temporary and permanent career positions every year. Need nurses for a clinic? Web developers for digital initiatives? Maybe your national corporation needs 100 professionals across multiple locations, or your growing business needs a few Business Analysts and a Project Manager to lead your latest project. Across multiple industries throughout the world, Judge can deliver the right person when you need them. Over the years we have added to our staffing expertise, and today Judge provides a full lineup of professional services. Our professionals can help you build out a new project team, further your workforce’s development through learning, or even migrate your systems to the cloud. Our suite of services is designed to work for you—in one discipline or across all of them. We understand that your business is unique! Whatever the scope or size of your project or staffing need, our 40+ years of experience are at your disposal. Judge’s comprehensive services make us a go-to partner for your business’ growing needs. In 1969, Martin E. Judge, Jr. accepted a job at a staffing company, placing people in full-time positions. He felt passionate about the work and realized immediate success, but something was missing. After one year and a long talk with his father, Marty decided to go into business for himself. Armed with encouragement, a $2,000 loan, and an entrepreneurial spirit (all from Dad), Marty set out to establish a permanent placement staffing company in Northeast Philadelphia, founding what we now know as The Judge Group. From its original two employees in 1970, Judge continued to rapidly expand its offerings into new industries, new states and even new countries over the next 45+ years, and now has over 500 employees in-house. In 1982, Judge Computer was started as a service company for schools and businesses. By 1984, the company was making Judge XT computers. At the peak of production in 1990, Judge was making 10,000 units per year. After 15 years of building a successful permanent placement business, Marty felt it was time to expand Judge’s service offerings and explore the growing contract staffing market. By January of 1986, Judge Technical Staffing was formed. From 1986 to 1996, Judge experienced 30% growth each year. In 1988, Judge Imaging Systems was started as a document management and imaging reseller and solutions company. In 1996, the company expanded its portfolio of services by acquiring Berkeley Training, a company based in Philadelphia. A year later, in order to accelerate growth, Judge completed an initial public offering and became publicly traded on the NASDAQ. After seven years as a public company, Marty Judge bought back The Judge Group and reverted to private ownership. No longer having shareholders, the company focused on investing in its two biggest assets – its clients and its people. Judge put a plan in place to aggressively expand its national footprint, bringing its enhanced services to clients across the country. To better serve our clients’ project-based needs, the company launched the Judge Consulting Group in 2006. Two years later, Judge expanded its IT solution offering by starting Judge Unified Communications. Then, to tap into one of the hottest emerging markets around the globe, Judge pursued a joint venture with a U.S./China outsourcing company to create JudgeOrchestrall in 2010. In 2011, the company continued its international expansion by entering the Toronto, Canada market. After buying majority shares in JudgeOrchestrall in 2011, Judge began realigning the business as Judge China, which offers contract staffing, direct hire and vendor management services. In September 2016, The Judge Group launched Judge India, located in the city of Noida, a key component of Judge’s global delivery strategy. In October 2016, Judge relocated its global headquarters to a 90,000-sq. ft. world class building in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Today, The Judge Group operates in four countries with over 35 office locations in the United States and abroad, offering services across three major verticals: Technology, Talent and Learning Solutions. Our Vision To provide the best technology, talent and learning solutions in the world. Our Mission Working at the crossroads of people and transformative technologies, The Judge Group delivers innovative business solutions —powered by top talent— to help organizations reach their strategic goals and realize opportunities now and in the future. 1612CA25

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