N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 173 , Founded in 2003 by its Chief Executive Officer Charles Massimo, CJMWealthManagement is now one of the nation’s leading wealthmanagement firms. Its success is directly attributable to CJM’s client Commitment, Communications and Transparency. Transparent Wealth Management CJM Wealth Management is led by its founder and CEO Charles Massimo. Mr. Massimo began his career in 1984 at Shearson Lehman Brothers as a Compliance Officer. He later joined New York Life Insurance Company as a Senior Representative, and then became a Financial Consultant in Merrill Lynch’s Private Client Group. In 1999, he joined Smith Barney as Vice President of Investments. While on Wall Street, however, he became disillusioned at how little emphasis was placed on getting to know clients and putting their best interests first. Despite high earnings – largely on technology stock trades – he, like many others, saw his clients’ portfolio values plunge as the bottom of the high flying dot.com era fell out. He lost his entire life savings at the same time as he and his wife welcomed new born triplets. Then came 9/11 and further chaos. In 2003, Mr. Massimo made a life-changing decision to start his own firm. He began practicing not as a broker, but instead as a trusted financial advisor, whose clients’ financial well- being would be his top priority. Today, the commitment and passion he brought to his new firm live on. He follows sound principles of wealth building and preservation and adheres to a proven investment model which has outperformed the S&P 500 98.7% of the time in any 25-year period since 1927. Having stepped away from the herd of bulls and bears, he has continued to leverage foresight and independence, becoming one of an elite 1% of the nation’s 250,000 financial advisors using the historically-proven Fama- French Three Factor Investment Model. Mr. Massimo’s performance, integrity and vision have consistently landed him and CJM on prominent lists of the nation’s leading wealth managers and wealth management firms. This recognition includes such honors as: America’s Select Financial Advisors, Long Island Premier Advisor by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP), Reuters Top Advisor, Nominated to Worth Magazine’s Top Wealth Advisors. In 2015, he received the prestigious “Outstanding CEO Award” from Long Island Business News. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Manhatanville College. A best-selling author of, Getting Off The Street – Sane Investment Advice from One of the Nation’s Leading Wealth Managers, Massimo is a nationally- recognized industry expert. He is frequently sought after for his insights at national conferences and by leading media such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Newsday, Business Week, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, CNBC.com , Worth Magazine and Crain’s New York Business, among many others. Mr. Massimo is actively involved in several nonprofit organizations related to autism, including Life’s WORC and Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, for which he is a member of the Executive Advisory Board. In 2015, he formed his own 501(c) (3) foundation, Long Island Autism Communities. Its mission is to develop communities throughout Long Island where adults with autism can live independently in a self-directed life of opportunities that promote a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life. Additionally, he is an advisor to the Energeia Partnership, a leadership academy dedicated to identifying and addressing Long Island’s multi-dimensional and complex challenges. CJM has an unwavering commitment to serving the best interests of its clients – ultra-affluent individuals, including owners of closely- held businesses, physicians, professional athletes and families with autistic children. This mission is achieved through CJM’s holistic, integrated approach wherein warm, open communications are paramount to meeting clients’ goals of wealth preservation and asset optimization. The CJM approach relies on a proven, structured investment model based on the rigorous financial science of Nobel Prize- winning economists, Eugene Fama and Kenneth French. It is backed by sound methods of discovery, portfolio architecture, tilted indexing, monitoring and adjusting. It incorporates effective tax management and estate planning strategies delivered by CJM’s network of highly-qualified accounting, legal, business valuation and insurance professionals. With its distinct, non-Wall Street client focus, open communications and transparency, CJM stands by the performance of the estimated $360 million in assets under its management; client portfolios, retirement plans (401(k)/403(b) and pensions), and captive insurance programs – all of which achieve client objectives at the lowest, fully-disclosed fees. Delivering value through open, trusting and performance-based relationships is the hallmark of the CJM brand. Company: CJM Wealth Management Name: Charles Massimo Email: [email protected] Web Address: http://cjmwealth.com Address: 724 Long Island Avenue, Deer Park, New York, 11729, USA Telephone: 001 866 923 0933 1701CA33

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