N America News May 2017

166 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Anonymous insights provide mystery shoppers, analytics and insights into how business are performing when it comes to customer satisfaction. The Mystery Behind Improved Customer Experiences Mystery shopping, customer experience analysis and auditing are the main services offered by Dublin, Ohio-based consultancy agency, Anonymous insights. They provide flexible income to their teams of mystery shoppers, as well as enabling companies to offer a better service, find areas for improvement and monitor how well company policies and standards are being upheld throughout the customer journey. Anonymous Insight’s customers include their clients, employees, evaluators and vendors. This customer driven approach increases loyalty, motivation and dedication. For clients, this means that Anonymous Insights provide a reliable service, boasting a 99.9% on-time completion rate, competitive pricing and experienced staff. Anonymous Insights, Inc. is a global, female-owned Customer Experience Consulting firm. They offer 20 years’ experience in measuring and improving customer service and satisfaction. They are a charter member of MSPA-NA, the trade association representing the customer experience industry throughout North America. Anonymous insights provide services throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. They have converted over 6 million pieces of customer feedback into information their clients have used to measure and improve customer service and satisfaction. The company sites evaluators as their most valuable resource and they invest heavily in this asset to ensure that they can deliver complete, accurate and actionable results to their clients. They currently have close to 100,000 evaluators in their network. By taking their time to get to know their evaluators before sending them on any assignments, they make sure they have the skills and tools required for client’s project, and that there is no existing bias. All evaluators must pass a rigorous qualification process before they can work for Anonymous Insights. Anonymous Insights, Inc. has 20 years of experience measuring and improving the customer service and satisfaction in grocery and convenience stores, hotels, spas, quick serve and full serve restaurants, banks, retail stores, airports and ballparks. They have worked with companies such as Kroger, Marriott, McDonalds, Starbucks, John Glenn International Airport, Urban Outfitters and the Pittsburgh Pirates among many others. Their full service list includes mystery shopping services, voice of customer programs. Benchmarking and audits. Mystery shopping as a customer satisfaction gauge was introduces as early as the 1940’s and was initially designed to measure employee integrity. Across the world, mystery shopping is used differently across a variety of industries. In the UK, the service is mainly used to discern the quality of practices of charities, non- profit organisations and local authorities, whilst in other regions across the world, particularly those where medical tourism is prevalent, mystery shoppers are used to monitor the levels of care, standard of practice and safety-consciousness of healthcare providers. This practice was advised in the U.S. by the American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs in 2008, until further research into the practice caused the retraction of the advice. The benefits of employing mystery shoppers are vast – companies can receive feedback on specific areas of their business, using pre-designed surveys and pre- approved areas for concentration. These areas are then assessed by employed and trained mystery shoppers, who act as ordinary members of the public, so that no bias is seen from staff or managers and they can feed back on the experience to be expected by any other member of the public. Anonymous insights use this method to gather data, outline areas for improvement within the business, consult on strategies to improve the customer journey and audit businesses. With an impressive portfolio of past and current clients, Anonymous insights is well on it’s way to the top of the industry. Company: Anonymous Insights, Inc. Name: Patti Lengel Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.a-insights.com Address: P.O. Box 1548, Dublin, Ohio, USA Telephone: 001. 614.761.0939 1702CA21

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