N America News May 2017

164 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Best Clinical Researcher in the City University of NewYork 2016-2017, Dr. Patricia Broderick’s Nano sensing development, The BRODERICK PROBE, is the focal point of a partnership with Indian Angel Network®. Investment Injection for Invention of New York’s Best Clinical Researcher In August of last year, it was announced that The BRODERICK PROBE – the result of years of research by Dr. Patricia Broderick, would be receiving $300,000 in funding through a partnership with Indian Angel Network® which will enable developers Eazysense Nanotechnologies Inc to produce and introduce the Nano biosensors on a much wider scale than originally predicted. The investment is intended to advance marketing of the New Sensing Nanotechnology, the BRODERICK PROBE®, a real time, online portal to providing personalized medicine. A sleek nanobiosensor, the BRODERICK PROBE®, smaller than a human hair, is designed to diagnose, treat and find strategies to put disorders in the brain right back in a better place. This medically clinical and preclinical device is available for market production. This nanobiosensor is a medical diagnostic and therapeutic device, comprised of biologically compatible materials, capable of imaging neuromolecular signals directly from the brain during movement during the natural state, the diseased state and the medically/surgically treated state in the same subject in real time and in vivo. It is the first nanobiosensor in the world that is capable of video tracking; “visualizing” brain neurotransmitters and neurochemicals as electroactive signals for each neuromolecule as are imaged in real time on computer or mobile device. The Nano biosensor has many applications beside movement and motor activity, including the processing of signals during anesthetic and non- anesthetic procedures and discerning temporal synchrony or asynchrony within any dynamic and/or quiet physiological state. The Nano biosensor is minimally invasive, due its size, which is smaller than a human hair. This is exciting within the neurological industry, as it allows medical personal to investigate, diagnose and explore the environment within the brain, without causing damage, carrying out extensive surgery or putting the patient through unnecessary and impractical procedures. The Mission of Eazysense Nanotechnologies Inc. is to diagnose and treat neurologic, psychologic and psychiatric diseases of brain, body and blood with the unique nanosensor families of formulas and patents, while the goal of Eazysense can be paraphrased from Hippocrates: “it is far more important to know what person has the disease than what disease the person has.” The BRODERICK PROBE® is set to make major advancements across the medical industries for both humans and animals. Initial testing has been carried out using live animals, and the results have been positive, which means that the Nano sensing technology used in this probe is ready to be transferred to applications within the veterinary industry also. Going forward, Eazysense are seeking to work closely with investing company Indian Angel network© to discuss the possibilities of joining BRODERICK PROBE® Nano biosensors with Deep Brain Stimulation Epilepsy Patient Surgeries and Parkinson’s Patient Surgeries in India and then extrapolating further in a stepwise fashion. Clients will be supplied with and will purchase The BRODERICK PROBE® series of nanobiosensors works by electrochemical detection. This medical device is unique from other electrochemical electrodes in that this series of nanobiosensors can image signals in vivo, in vitro or in-situ within sub-seconds in real time. The Nano biosensors can be used anywhere and for any length of time and have been found to not result in gliosis (scar tissue) or infection (bacterial growth). The Nano biosensor is made of carbon and carbon allotropes. The BRODERICK PROBE® is the only of its kind worldwide and as a universally accepted nanotechnology with key opportunities in the clinic and the preclinical markets, the future is filled with opportunities for successful diagnosis and treatment of patients and animals on a global scale. The BRODERICK PROBE®, named after the inventor’s father, can and will change the face of science and medicine as we now know it. Hence, with this first investment, the Eazysense Nanotechnologies Inc. is valued at ten million dollars. Name: Patricia Broderick Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.ccny.cuny.edu Address: 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031, Telephone: 0017189284858 Cell Phone: 0012126505479 LC160004

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