N America News May 2017

142 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Realty Universal allows sellers and buyers the opportunity to customize the home buying process through the use of real estate menu systems. Universally Speaking Realty Universal offers a wide range of services to buyers, sellers, and agents, while adhering to the underlying principles upon which the company was founded. The firm believes buyers, sellers, and agents should also have creative choices available to them in the digital age. Realty Universal has always accommodated traditional real estate sales. That foundation has given the firm the knowledge and vast real estate network to expand into more creative areas of the real estate market. As obvious as this seems, traditional real estate has never been structured in such a way as to allow the multitude of choices sellers and buyers truly deserve. After years of perfecting and receiving feedback on its programs the firm has developed real estate menu systems that are used by buyers, sellers, agents and brokers who are part of our Realty Universal network, which is growing by leaps and bounds. Realty Universal’s founder, Nathalie Mullinix, started Nathalie Mullinix Realty, Inc. (a conventional real estate company) in 1990 and Nathalie Mullinix Referral Company, Inc. in 1991 in Maryland. In 1996 she opened Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc. and Realty Universal, Inc. in Maryland. In 2001, Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc., Inc. opened in Hawaii. “We started offering our menu programs when it was not the standard way of doing business - now it is so much more understood and common place,” Nathalie explains. “We are ahead of the rest due to experience with the systems. In today’s economy our menu programs make it possible for buyers and sellers to still have a win/win situation. The best situation in life is when everyone wins, everyone must give, to assist in the outcome and what happens is a very positive experience. “For example, a traditional seller would either list their property with a real estate agent or a broker or try to sell their property themselves; hypothetically this could be decided by the flip of a coin and doesn’t leave the seller with a whole lot of options.” Realty Universal has affiliates and members in all 50 states and real estate is still a solid asset to invest in, as well as being one of the best investments of capital if handled correctly. “In the United States, we are fortunate to have the tax write offs that we take for granted while owning property,” Nathalie embellishes. “To obtain the best value for your real estate there needs to be a market of both buyers and sellers, as well as a means of bringing the two together. Now more than ever due to the recent loan crisis, even with bringing buyers and sellers together there needs to be a way to make the financing work if a loan is needed. There are still many options available. “Whether you are a buyer, seller, going through a short sale, investing in residential or commercial real estate, the firm has trained members in each state and affiliates who can customize your process the way it will work best for you. We do advise that you coordinate with your accountant and real estate attorney so your plan is intact. Planning and averting pitfalls can make a world of difference in our futures. We set you up to win! “Ultimately you have to rely on you, after consulting with the experts. We are excited to be able to continue to bring to the world’s stage a company as dedicated to universal excellence as Realty Universal, Inc. Our company has been initiating a revolution in the real estate world since 1996.” The firm understands that each client is a unique individual with unique needs and desires; an all or nothing approach definitely cannot work for everyone. It is for this reason that Realty Universal has designed a totally unique system using menu programs which allow a seller or buyer to pay for only the services they need with the choice of full service only if that is what benefit them. “While other companies may hand you a coin and say ‘choose’, we instead offer you the ultimate power of complete customization. Our menu programs are revolutionizing the way real estate is handled and yet this is only what the public sees; it’s the very surface of our company. “To truly understand the nature of Realty Universal one must venture below the surface to the heart of our company. “It is here that the mission of the firm starts to become apparent. Our company is one of humanity. In addition to contributing to worldwide humanitarian projects over the next few years, we assure that no less than 10% of our company’s earnings each year will go towards charities striving to make a difference in the world. We do this because we believe that even the biggest company in the world is completely useless if it doesn’t do its part in making the world a better place.” Company: Realty Universal Email: [email protected] Web Address: http://realtyuniversal.com/ 1701CA38

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