N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 131 , Are you interested in hiring a company that can handle a wide range of your business’ administrative and benefits needs? Earlier this year, the firmwas pleased to receive the CEO of the Year –Massachusetts award. Corporate Benefit Plans Corporate Benefit Plans’ understands just how much goes into the daily and regular operations of running a business. The company can therefore offer everything needed for employees, from life and disability benefits, group health and life insurance policies, to marketing and HR support. All of the services and products offered are designed to attend to businesses’ financial needs. These creative solutions can help leave business owners free to concentrate on more important elements of running a company. Corporate Benefit Plans is able provide clients with a wide range of services, such as: • Employee benefits: Taking care of a wide range of employee benefits, from group life and health insurance to benefits for workers’ compensation and disability benefits. • Worksite wellness: Encouraging employees to stay healthy is an excellent way to raise morale and productivity, and possibly reduce healthcare costs among many other things. • College planning: Are you looking for college planning resources? If you would like to provide your employees with a way to save for college, we can help. • HR solutions: The team is able to provide you with an extension of your current HR team by offering group benefits packages catering to your business needs. • HEBA benefits (Hospital Employee Benefits Association): HEBA can help to recruit stellar employees by providing a variety of cost- effective benefit resources. A few of the qualities which set Corporate Business Plans apart include: • Offering the lowest rates possible • Having more than 20 years of experience • Being a nationally-recognized brokerage firm • Being contracted with major carriers in the industry The experienced team has been in the insurance and benefit industry for more than 20 years, qualifying the firm to help address the needs of other companies and business owners. Likewise, the firm offers an employee benefits service with the lowest rates possible. The knowledgeable team at Corporate Benefit Plans can assess the services a business requires. Whether it is a small start-up business with limited space for an in-house human resources team or a larger company seeking an outsourced extension to its team to help create the ideal benefits plan for employees, Corporate Benefit Plans can help. Company: Corporate Benefit Plans Name: Greg Lavelle Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.corporatebenefitplans.com Address: 546 Main Street Worcester. Massachusetts 01608, USA Telephone: +1 800 417 6353 1701CA14

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