N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 13 NEWS , Health research and commercialisation services company, Mapi Life Sciences UK, is the latest busi- ness to join Imperial’s 23-acre research and innovation district in White City, reaffirming Lon- don’s position as a global centre for scientific and technological discovery. The company has moved into the College’s Trans- lation & Innovation Hub (I-HUB), which provides flexible office and lab space for businesses looking to turn cutting-edge research into new products and services. Mapi is the premier health research and commercialisation company in the life sciences industry, with over 40 years’ experience of pioneering meth- odologies to support a more patient-centred approach to healthcare. Mapi helps patients, healthcare practitioners and regulators to make treatment decisions based on personal treatment value. Using its global expertise in developing and translating Clinical Outcome As- sessments (COA) into practical applications, it generates and communicates real-world evi- dence on the value of treatments. Located alongside Imperial research clusters in public health, molecular sciences and biomed- ical engineering, Mapi’s newest home in the UK, the I-HUB, forms part of the wider research and innovation community that Imperial is developing at the White City Campus. By bringing together a network of world-class scientists, engineers and medics, as well as institutional and business partners, the campus will encourage new discussions and collaborations to help turn scientific and medical research into benefits for society. “Our new White City home will be a global leadership centre for Mapi, allowing our innovative management and operational leaders to tap into the knowledge and dynamism in the UK’s gold- en triangle of leading universities and entrepreneurs,” commented Mapi’s CEO, James Karis. “The chance to be part of this research ecosystem and the scientific “Having the Duncan Aviation brand is a big benefit when speaking with clients and prospects be- cause they know there’s a wealth of technical support available to support their sale,” Barber says. “The Duncan Aviation brand is generally known throughout the region, but few actually appre- ciate the scale of the business. Even fewer are aware that we have transacted nearly 3,500 aircraft, many that have occurred across borders, since our begin- nings more than 60 years ago.” The first listing is a 2002 Citation Excel with 4187 Total Time and 3,732 landings. The engines and APU are enrolled on Power Advantage and the airframe is on Pro Parts. It is also being offered as a fractional ownership opportu- nity with quarter-shares available and established charter income. To see the listing, visit: http:// da.aero/aircraft-sales/G-CGMF. The second listing is a 2006 Hawker 850XP with 3300 Total Time and 1,500 landings. The engines and APU are covered by JSSI. This listing will soon be available on Duncan Aviation’s website at www.DuncanAviation. aero/aircraftsales. Barber, who is representing the aircraft sales and acquisitions ser- vices of Duncan Aviation across EMEA, is also working on the acquisition of a Hawker 900XP for a client and has a number of other sales projects that are in an advanced stage of negotiation. Duncan Aviation is known worldwide for its extensive Main- tenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services for business aircraft. The company supports business aircraft owners with a network of three large, full-service facilities, more than 20 avionics satellite locations and engine Rapid Response team launch offices located at busy airports across the United States. These teams travel worldwide and help operators around the globe. Their expertise and model-specific knowledge is regularly tapped by Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions team to help them locate and accurately position pre-owned aircraft on the market. To learn more about Duncan Aviation, visit www.DuncanAvia- tion.aero community that calls London home was a key factor in our decision to locate at the I-HUB.” Dr Eulian Roberts, Chief Execu- tive of Imperial College London ThinkSpace, which operates the I-HUB, said: “Mapi is a fantastic addition to the I-HUB. It is com- mitted to putting the patient at the heart of healthcare research and driving improvements in the way that medical treatment is delivered and experienced. “Mapi joins a thriving enterpris- ing environment at White City where the sharing of ideas and research will help us to reach new heights not just in medicine, but also in engineering, science and business. Bringing together some of the world’s greatest minds in one place, we’ll be able to leverage their collective knowledge and tackle some of the biggest challenges facing us today.” In addition to Mapi, the White City Campus is already home to a number of leading biotech and scientific research organi- sations. Earlier this year it was announced that OGCI Climate Investments, a one billion dollar start up focused on advancing low-emission technology, would be the first tenant at Central Working White City – a new collaboration at the I-HUB be- tween Imperial College London ThinkSpace and leading shared workspace provider, Central Working. The I-HUB is also home to a business incubator for lab-based start-up and spin-out companies, such as Polymateria, a company that has developed a fully biodegradable plastic. www.mapigroup.com www.imperial.ac.uk/thinkspace Duncan Aviation’s New EMEA Aircraft Sales Office Secures Its First Two Aircraft Consignments TimBarber, Duncan Aviation’s London- based Aircraft Sales Rep, is pleased to announce that he has had good interest and inquiries since joining Duncan Aviation this spring, and in just six weeks secured the company’s first listing in Europe, followed swiftly by a second within 8 weeks.

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