N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 129 , On the Job Training (OJT) is typically one-on-one employee training which usually takes place while working on the job or at the place of business. OJT is usually carried out by a subject matter expert or other intra-company personnel and the firm strives to become the one-stop- shop training portal to fulfill many of its client’s training necessities. Bringing Jobs Home The resurgence in American industrial and manufacturing prowess owes its success to the adoption of new equipment and process technologies that can effectively compete with low cost manufacturing factories elsewhere. Jobs in these new factories require new specialized skills that did not exist in the old economy. It is OJT’s passion to re-train the existing American workforce, and train new entries into the American workforce, for the skills required in the new economy. Re-training America’s workforce for the new economy is OJT’s number one priority. The partners at OJT.com are seasoned technical training and documentation business owners that experienced first-hand the effect that job outsourcing had on American businesses, and the firm is passionate about swinging the pendulum back into America’s favor. OJT feels that the federal administration shares this passion and will help to create an environment that facilitates OJT’s success and its client’s success. By using hands-on training strategies, OJT educates, informs, and enhances overall job efficiency for any company. OJT is helping to shape the workforce of the future in today’s growing economic climate. Whether a client or their business is looking to hire an OJT company or is joining the workforce of America and is looking for experienced training, OJT.com is the primary destination to find a solution. OJT.com is an essential network of employers and training companies that comprise the workforce of the future. Rely on OJT.com, the National Training Resource Center, to put US workers back to work and help make America become competitive again in our new world economy, through training and innovation. OJT.com wants to bring jobs together with people all across America. It does this through a national registry of training companies and educational institutes that focus on the skills required for jobs in the 21st century. OJT.com is a primary destination for employers and corporate training departments, as well as for individuals searching for specific industry training. The educational institutes and trade schools found in the directory provide certification programs to help qualify individuals for specific industries. These entities are also called on by employers for their employee’s skills enhancements. Each state in America maintains their own job-related website, which includes a variety of different training resources and programs. Each state’s website has their unique format and presentation, and requires a separate account to have full access to their job and training resources. The “silo” nature of state training resources makes it difficult to research and pursue opportunities across all 50 states. OJT offers a more integrated nationwide approach, whereby it provides a single interface to training resources across the nation. The firm has aggregated relevant training resources across America’s 50 states together with Washington D.C., pursuing an additional focus around 21st century jobs, including the resurgent manufacturing sector of the economy. At OJT, clients will find private training companies and training institutions that have attained state accreditation under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Each state includes OJT.com verified businesses found on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL), as mandated by the WIOA. The firm’s goal is to mirror these training providers directly in the OJT National Directory for ease of discovery. OJT matches up training service providers with the specific areas of innovation and opportunity (jobs) identified by the states. The firm conducted the type of analysis that any worker in the country can use to determine what geographical location they desire to seek work, and the training service providers they can use to get the training they need. OJT researches and analyzes American industries of today and tomorrow to assess their training needs, and to find the training services that are available to meet those needs. In many cases, OJT’s analysis identifies training requirements for which there are existing solutions readily available, in which case matching training requirements with a selection of relevant providers. In other cases, the firm may identify a current or future training need for which training services are non-existent. In these cases, OJT works with the training service providers to help define, develop and deliver these training services. Company: Online Job Training/EcorpMedia Name: Michael Shay Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.ojt.com Address: Fremont, California, 94539 USA Telephone: +1 916 538 0764 1702CA40

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