N America News May 2017

124 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Golden Gate Enterprises, LLC (GGE) is an experienced developer andmanufacturer of highly specialized digital communication technologies and services. We interviewedMarco Scibora, Chief Managing Director, who discussed GGE’s product innovation, growth and future. Innovation-Derived Growth Product innovation At GGE, product innovation is paramount. We provide an amazing range of end-to-end solutions to meet any business’ digital communication needs. This includes digital displays, user-interactive and semi-interactive kiosks and digital players for use in public spaces. In the mid-1990s, we pioneered true user-interactive digital audio and video solutions for retail markets in the US, Western Europe and Japan. Our multimedia-based digital displays are designed to convey user-interactive or non-interactive information to selected viewers. The displays aim to promote, instruct, inform, inspire and impact the targeted audience. More recently, we’ve launched our 4th generation of Android/ Windows-based solutions and newly developed GGE- Managed EasyService business model which are revolutionary breakthroughs. These solutions facilitate and manage even the most complex audio/visual communication solutions in less time and for much less cost than ever. The software is compatible across all our hardware platforms. GGE’s custom software development is offered under three distinct categories: 1. For all GGE-provided display products; 2. For Android-based Tablets (with Android OS 4.4 or higher; 3. For Windows-based Tablets; 4. Android-based Tablets for remote control of functions/ presentation over a large TVs and monitors and; 5. For iOS-based devices. Our team of engineers and creative staff can deliver a custom developed, user-interactive solution in less time than any other application developer out there. Less time in development does not mean less quality. Customer benefits Under the low cost of our Managed EasyService platform, there’s literally no application platform that we cannot develop and deliver to our customers. GGE’s fully integrated platform combines smart software, P-CAP touch, Quad Core CPU, cellular technology with Verizon Wireless’ vast experience in the digital communications arena. Our robust software design enables us to create fantastic presentations by incorporating the most current user interactive designs and visual transitions using custom designed controls (GUI). The user-experience is amazing - highly intuitive and fun to use - capitalizing on GGE’s powerful Quad Core processing platform along with a true 1080p display with a 180-degree viewing angle. This differentiates the user experience from that of the more commonly sold, page- flipping programs or pre-built application templates. Similarly, our team of engineers along with our creative staff can deliver custom-developed applications affording your customers a stunning visual experience only found in today’s Tablets and smartphones. GGE’s growth GGE recently struck an exciting, unique synergistic business relationship with Verizon Wireless (VZW) which acknowledges the proliferation and raw power of cellular technology and high demands for related services/ solutions. The partnership aims to mutually elevate our integrated service offerings to industry leading, financially stable small, medium and large corporations. Our solutions, combined with the robust strength, breadth and reliability of VZW’s cellular 3G/4G LTE network has leveraged GGE’s digital communication assets through multiple phases of digital communication evolution; from non-interactive to fully user-interactive, including remote transaction services (such as registering, ordering, couponing, etc.), just to mention a few. Future plans After 25 years in digital space, our current mission is to fill the existing void in providing convenient and more affordable digital communication solutions/ services, specifically designed to mitigate the constantly growing costs associated with ownership and management of any network-based systems. GGE’s software operates under industry standard Operating Systems such as Android, Windows, iOS and Linux. However, over the last year we’ve made assertive efforts to transition from Linux to mainly Android. Company: Golden Gate Enterprises, LLC Name: Marco Scibora Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.ggedigital.com Address: 490 Villaume Avenue, South St. Paul, Minnesota, 55075, USA Telephone: +1 651 450 1000 1703CA39

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