N America News May 2017

116 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Melbourne Ballroom’s highly renowned school of dance offers an exciting range of classes to suit diverse dance lovers’ tastes. We caught up with Barry Johnson, owner and instructor, who explains howMelbourne Ballroom creates such a special dance experience. Dancing to Happiness Melbourne Ballroom is a warm, friendly, privately owned studio which combines the benefits of experienced tutors with a broad selection of classes to suit different dance tastes and levels. We offer the choice of private lessons, group classes, Friday night parties and special events. Whatever your dance level, if you’re keen to learn we can teach you - from the two left feet stage, social dancing all the way up to the highest levels of competitive dancing. We teach all Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances. Experienced dance tutors Our dance team comprises six highly experienced dance tutors who are as passionate about teaching dance as they are about dancing themselves. As owner and dance instructor, Barry has an outstanding dance background. Barry explains how he was originally inspired to dance after watching the Fred Astaire movie “Top Hat”. Since then, he’s successfully danced tap, jazz, ballet and ballroom. Barry was previously Dance Director and Assistant Supervisor at the TC Dance Studio. He is now living his dream by teaching, dancing and competing and being part owner of the ever- growing Melbourne Ballroom. Private lessons are the best way to get the personal attention you need to become the dancer you want to be. Our instructors will work with you whether you are single or a couple. You can either bring a partner or your teacher will be your dance partner. On Friday nights, we have dance parties which are open to public enabling dancers to get together in a relaxed setting and practice what they’ve learnt. We also offer classes for special events. Your Wedding Dance Can Be as Beautiful as Your Wedding Day. We choreograph all types of wedding dances including: • Bride and Groom • Father and Daughter • Mother and Son • Family Formations Positive, relaxing dance environment At Melbourne Ballroom, we want to create a fun, relaxing, positive environment so that everyone who comes here feels welcome, comfortable and truly enjoys their dance experience. It takes time and trust to build a relationship between student and teacher. Our teachers provide patient, positive instruction. We also have definite policies in place to help create a special dance experience. We: • Prepare for your lesson • Answer all questions patiently • Work at your pace and provide you with the best knowledge available • Don’t use high pressure sales tactics • Don’t speak ill of other studios or their teachers • Don’t talk about other students to you or about you to other students in a negative way • Don’t share personal information you may have given us in confidence about your private lives. We want you to have an exciting time, to leave the stress of the world outside the studio and hopefully leave wanting more. Company: Melbourne Ballroom Name: Barry Johnson Email: [email protected] Web Address: melbourneballroom.com Address: 6300 N. Wickham Rd, Melbourne, Florida, 92340, USA Telephone: +1 321 255 1537 1702CA35

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