2017 NAN July

8 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / JULY 2017 , EffexManagement Solutions specializes in staffing large volume contingent workforce management that transforms production efficiency and increases your bottom line. As winner of the Best Large Contingent Staffing Agency – Texas award, we invited the firm’s AaronMireles to tell us about how they change the way companies staff andmanage large volume contingent workforces. Efficiency, Profitability & Focus Effex Management Solutions specializes in staffing and large volume contingent workforce management solutions that transforms production efficiency and increases their client’s bottom line. The firm does this by ensuring a qualified labor force and guaranteeing your facility will be 100% staffed, every single day. With an onsite management team and our one client per given market commitment, partnering with Effex Management Solutions will change the way your company staffs and manages its large volume contingent workforce. Aaron kicks off the interview by telling us about the firm’s onsite management team, their dedicated labor force and why Effex is the only company of its kind. “With our onsite management team and one client per given market commitment, partnering with Effex Management Solutions changes the way companies staff and manage its large volume contingent workforce. “Effex solely focuses on managing the contingent labor force for clients who require 200 or more employees. We maximize the output of that labor force while reducing the overall labor cost for our clients. The end result is we make our clients more efficient and profitable and allow them to focus on the core of their business. “Effex is the only company of its kind. We are committed to supporting large scale production for one client per market, while providing long term employment opportunities through managed labor solutions.” Aaron then explains his delight on winning the Best Large Contingent Staffing Agency - Texas award and what this means for him and his firm. “This award is truly amazing for us. Our day-to-day focus is consistently exceeding our client’s needs while pushing ourselves to be constantly evolving. To see the results of those commitments recognized is truly rewarding and fulfilling. “This award gives us encouragement and reassurance that we are on the right path as a company and motivates our company and us all to continue to strive for the evolution of ourselves personally overall.” Aaron then goes into detail about the firm’s staff and their experience in working with Fortune 500 companies and third-party logistics companies in manufacturing, distribution and warehousing. “Since we target leaders from the manufacturing & light industrial sectors, we have built a team with a vast skill set they have acquired from both Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 companies. We have a combination of operations, training, manufacturing, project management, sales, staffing and human resources experience, which creates a diverse platform of reference for us to pull from when guiding our partners through a latitude of business obstacles.” Finally, Aaron explains the firm’s hopes and plans for 2017 and beyond, as well as the opportunities and challenges in the broader industry that Effex Management Solutions are a part of. “2017 is turning out to be our best year yet. We are projecting to grow our annual revenues by over $100M this year. In the long term, Effex’s overall goal is to become a company with annual revenues of $1 billion. “Given the fact that America has fully committed itself to bringing jobs and manufacturing back to this country, we feel we couldn’t be in a better position to help impact that goal for our country. In line with this shift, we are seeing our partners make a respective move to increasing the percentage of their contingent labor force. Any challenges that we are facing now are in line with keeping up with growth while maintaining our level of quality service. “We have built our internal Blue Sky Vision to be in line with the shift we see in the economy regarding our government’s commitment. Our internal Blue Sky Vision is that Effex is a partner of choice in providing profitable staffing solutions that keep production & careers in America. Our brand purpose of Making Careers & Production a Reality and our core values (Branding, Partnership, Evolution, Transparency and Intentional) are the foundation we have built - to ensure we continue to maintain high level partnerships - while keeping up with the rising demand for our business model.” ESS17005

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