2017 NAN July

14 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / JULY 2017 , idea what a construction elevator was or looked like. She couldn’t wrap her head around how you could convince a property owner to paint their elevators pink. However, after she visited Metro Elevators shop and saw a construction hoist hanging on their test tower and further understood their elevators were used on construction sites on the outside of buildings and structures, she immediately saw our vision.” When Sutton realized that Metro provided construction hoists to projects all over the United States, she immediately put the company in touch with Komen’s corporate partnerships team in Dallas, Texas. What evolved over the next several weeks and months in Metro’s interaction with Komen Headquarters, was a high- volume exchange of ideas and planning on how to structure a relationship that was beneficial to both organizations. Ultimately, born out of their very thorough and creative negotiations, is what is known today as “Ride the Pink Elevator with Metro Elevator.” The concept was fundamentally simple in design, but somewhat complex to execute. Susan G. Komen would grant Metro Elevator the right to paint their construction elevators in Komen’s signature pink, as well as allow them to use the Komen running ribbon and indices in their marketing and promotion. In exchange, Metro would raise funds and awareness for Komen on their various job sites around the country. Neither group could have ever imagined how successful and impactful that partnership would become. Metro Elevator’s customers are very diverse and represent some of the largest construction companies on the planet, as well as some of the largest power industry, and fossil fuel companies on the planet. Their client list is a virtual who’s- who of construction and power industry recognized brands. Hunt AECOM, Whiting Turner, Walbridge, Lend Lease, Graycor, Gilbane, British Petroleum, Marathon Oil, TVA, Duke Energy, Consolidated Edison, and AEP to name but a very few. Metro supplies their construction hoist to these organizations on multimillion-dollar construction projects. These projects range from new construction of hi- rise buildings, rehabilitation and remodelling of historic hi-rise buildings, to renovation and facilities construction of equipment inside power plants, petroleum and chemical processing facilities, and a variety of other types of industrial facilities. Since these behemoth construction elevators are primarily always installed outside of a structure, they are very visible in the skylines of cities or from a highway when they are attached to a building or facility. Often, the hoists when erected are several hundred feet in the air, and the hoist tower sections, landing doors, and hoist cabin can be seen from great distances. There is now no mistaking whose construction hoist is dominating a sky-scape, particularly when it is bright pink. These various construction projects have a multitude of construction related companies providing services to the project, and typically a significant population of construction workers. Not only does Metro lease a “Komen pink” elevator to their customer, they also fund-raise on behalf of Komen on each of their construction sites. Metro works in concert with the various construction related entities on each project, inviting them to participate voluntarily in fund raising activities in support of “Ride the Pink Elevator.” Metro interacts with Susan G. Komen affiliates, in the cities where their construction projects exist and 100 percent of the money raised goes to Komen. Twenty-five cents of every dollar raised stays in the city where the construction project resides and that money provides services to women and their families who are facing breast cancer within that area. The popularity of the program was immediate and swift. So much so that Metro Elevator quickly recognized the need to have someone manage the marketing, planning, and implementation of the program on a full-time basis. Brummett’s wife, Rachelle Brown-Brummett had a Marketing Degree from Ball State University, and was asked to come in and operate the program. From the very first “Ride the Pink Elevator” event in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The effort has been a rousing success for all parties involved. Over $17,000 dollars was raised to benefit Komen there, and Metro has averaged over $12,000 dollars per project over the last couple of years. “This is such a wonderful initiative on the part of our company, and it makes our employees proud to be doing something that is both impactful and meaningful to many people in so many places,” said Brown- Brummett. “It has powerfully enriched our relationship with our customers, brought important recognition to their projects, and provided resources and hope for families devastated by the effects of breast cancer.” Thousands of dollars raised later, and in cities all over the United States, “Ride the Pink Elevator has distinguished Metro Elevator as not only a premiere provider of construction hoisting services, it has also catapulted the company to being recognized for its cause consciousness and, a desire to give back to the communities in which they provide their services. With over 25 new “Ride the Pink Elevator” projects on the horizon, Metro will continue to make an impact and will further popularize their brand by their distinctive pink colors, and their purposeful mission. “Metro Elevator is one of our most outstanding partners and we are incredibly honored to be working with them,” said Carrie Hodges, Senior Director for Account Strategy and Stewardship at Susan G. Komen. “They have flawlessly executed their strategy and represent our cause in such a wonderful and unique way. Their commitment and tie to breast cancer and our organization is inspiring to us all.” Being named Construction Hoisting Company of the Year in the United States, seems like a fitting recognition for a company that was determined to set itself apart from the others. CEO Charles Ernstes summed it up this way when receiving the award. “On behalf of my wife, Diane, our employees and their families, our customers, our Komen partnership, and all the families impacted by breast cancer, we are humbled and grateful for this award, but this is not the end, this is just the beginning!” Who would now doubt them that the best is yet to come?