2017 NAN July

10 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / JULY 2017 , 2017’s CEOof the Year - New Jerseywas awarded to Joseph S. Caruso. His firm, Joseph S. Caruso, P.C., is committed to providing quality legal service to the public. Attorney Joseph Caruso devotes his legal services to criminal and civil Law, more of which he reveals in this insightful interview. Top Quality Representation at Reasonable Rates Joseph Caruso’s primary areas of focus are: DUI and Traffic violations; real estate - including construction, evictions and foreclosures; municipal and criminal. By way of background, Joseph S. Caruso, is a graduate of Rutgers University Law School Tax Honours Program with Distinction. He was admitted to practice law in the State of New Jersey in 1990. Mr. Caruso’s practice is concentrated in the fields of construction litigation and real estate law. To kick things off, Mr. Caruso explains more about his law firm, their client base and his extensive experience in construction and bond claim litigation. “Joseph S. Caruso, P.C. represent contractors, owners and investors in all aspects of the real estate and construction industry, including, drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating change orders, filing bid protests and mechanic’s liens, establishing and defending delay damage claims, pursuing and defending bond claims, collecting construction related debts and litigating disputes. I served on the Construction and Public Contract Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association and was twice selected as ‘One of the Best Attorneys in South Jersey; by the readers of the Courier Post newspaper. “The firm’s client base consists of both small and multimillion dollar construction companies, suppliers and real estate developers involved in private and publicly funded contracts. I have negotiated countless contracts with private and public owners, including, Contracting Officers of the Public Housing Authorities, School Boards, Municipal Utilities Authorities and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. “I have extensive experience in construction and bond claim litigation and have conducted trails in these matters in the state trial and appellate courts throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Additionally, I have litigated construction and bond claims in the United States Federal District Courts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. I also handle white collar crime involving the same matters. I have closed residential commercial real estate transactions on behalf of both buyers and sellers throughout the State of New Jersey.” 1701CA30 Mr. Caruso knows that all relevant factors, including litigation and transaction costs, must be considered in developing a representation strategy for his clients. The law firm of Joseph S. Caruso, P.C., is known as a construction and real estate law boutique, as the man himself goes on to reveal. “We litigate and arbitrate cases against and with the largest law firms in the tri-state area. However, as clients you are not paying for fancy woodwork or a downtown address, you are paying for top quality representation at reasonable and affordable rates. It is this philosophy and experience that has helped generate a happy and loyal client base over the years.” Classic contractor story Mr. Caruso then asks us to imagine a contractor is installing pipe in a trench following the architect’s plans – but suddenly the contractor encounters a pre- existing underground pipe that obstructs his path. A review of the plans shows the pre-existing pipe but its actual path is different than the plan. Is the contractor entitled to a change order? Mr. Caruso explains more in his own words. “The above scenario is exactly the type of situation the law firm of Joseph S. Caruso, P.C. faces every day. The answer to the above question depends on who you represent. An architect will most certainly say that he showed it on the plan and the contractor should have provided for it in his bid. The owner, in turn, will rely on the architect and add that they have no money for change orders anyway. So, what does a contractor do? Well, being a smart contractor you already have the law firm of Joseph S. Caruso, P.C. on retainer. You telephone me and I immediately start to work convincing the owner, architect and the owner’s attorney that you are certainly entitled to a change order.” “How do I convince them? Well, we can discuss it when you hire my firm to represent you. Which leads to the reason for this letter. Many contractors have responded to my previous letters and hired me to represent them in all their construction matters. Since my last letter to you I have negotiated countless change orders, protested bid awards, filed suits to collect payments, defended suits for payment, and the like. In fact, I am one of the very few attorneys versed in governments funded construction and bond claim litigation.

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