NAN August 2017

8 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / August 2017 , Advanced Protective Products (APP) has beenmanufacturing andmarketing RUST DESTROYER ® , the universal based rust converting coating, since 1982. We profiled the company to find out more about the products and solutions it provides. The Rust Stops Here! Rust is a costly global problem; however, APP has the economical and environmentally responsible global solutions. Looking ahead to the next millennium, the company then developed a new product called RUST KNOCKOUT ® - the “waterborne version” of RUST DESTROYER ® - which they are also manufacturing and marketing. Both RUST DESTROYER ® and RUST KNOCKOUT ® are approved by the Korean Register of Shipping and Petrochina Company Limited. From patio furniture to bridges, from tricycles to battleships, these products are the first inexpensive, efficient and effective coatings that actually convert active rust to the passive form. However, that’s not all. APP has developed FAST DRY RUST DESTROYER ® - their newest solvent based product - with VOC of only 65 grams per litre. FAST DRY RUST DESTROYER ® provides many key benefits to customers. The product’s slogan reads like this: “Time is money - FAST DRY RUST DESTROYER ® dries to touch in 10 minutes!” What differentiates the firm’s products from other companies’ solutions are the patented rust converting coatings. Most other 1708NA02 Contact: Tom Heiss Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 17-12 River Road Fair Lawn, New Jersey, 7410, USA Phone: +1 800 787 8007 Website: products on the market are only rust inhibitors. Rust inhibitors only slow down the corrosion process, whereas APP coatings convert rusted surfaces into paintable surfaces in one easy step, boasting superior adhesion to all metal surfaces, clean or rusted, such as steel, core tan steel and tin as well as Zinc, galvanized metal and aluminium. The result is a satin finish that may be left as it is or painted over, for additional environmental protection or appearance. With regard to how this is proven to work, the X-Ray Diffraction Spectroscopy (XRD) lab testing shows that there is no rust under the painted area. The products are not hard to use at all. All three products are easy-to-use, one-step systems. Before applying, customers just have to remove loose or scaling particles, grease and dirt so that they are working with a firm, paintable surface. No sandblasting, scraping to bare metal, or sanding is needed. Clients must then apply the APP coatings directly over rust, bare metal, or previously painted surfaces. All three products come with a 5-year warranty.