NAN August 2017

26 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / August 2017 , Willdan Group, Inc. on August 3rd announced the acquisition of Integral Analytics, Inc. (IA), a data analytics and software company, which closed on July 28th this year. Willdan Acquires Data Analytics Firm Integral Analytics IA is a recognized leader in data analytics that help utility managers evaluate, plan and dispatch electricity resources more effectively. IA’s software solutions are designed to solve problems arising from the transformation of an electric grid facing increasing growth in distributed energy resources, such as solar and electric vehicles. “We believe the addition of IA’s capabilities will significantly improve our ability to target locational energy savings and microgrids, and can provide us with a clear technical advantage on energy efficiency programs,” said Tom Brisbin, Willdan’s CEO and Chairman. “Cloud supercomputing has enabled IA to deliver its energy optimization technologies in a way that has not been previously possible. “When combined with the significant investments that utilities have made in data collection, IA can synthesize terabytes of data into analysis utilized for more granular load forecasting, capital expenditure planning and electrical efficiency targeting to optimize distributed resources and guide operations. IA’s solutions assist utilities in effectively harnessing the power of renewables and energy storage to help them provide lower cost power reliably. IA’s solutions generally reduce the annual distribution capital budget of utilities by three to ten percent.” “Being part of Willdan will improve the resources available to IA, our customers and our strategic partners, as well as providing new avenues for IA software to solve increasingly complex challenges in markets we have yet to reach,” said Dr. Tom Osterhus, integral analytics founder. “Customers embrace IA solutions as the core application needed to bridge utility planning, operations, energy efficiency and distributed energy resources.” IA’s customers include municipal systems and some of the largest investor-owned utilities in North America, with applications used by utilities in regulatory proceedings in over 30 states. IA is a 2016 Greentech Media Grid Edge Awardee and 2015 Fierce SmartGridNews winner of Best Innovation in Big Data and Analytics. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, IA was founded in 2005. Willdan expects that the IA acquisition will not affect the company’s 2017 revenue or earnings per share forecast. In 2018, Willdan expects that the acquisition will add approximately $10 million in revenue and be accretive to earnings per share by approximately 12 cents. More information is available at: For additional information, visit Willdan’s website at: