N America News April 2017

66 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / APRIL 2017 , Jewelry Designer of the Year 2017 & Best Woman-Owned Jewelry & Accessories Design Company – USA awardwinner is Lani Harmony, the founder of The Urban Charm™. Her role is as a creative consultant and head designer of this unique jewelry boutique – in this interview she tells us more about the firmand what makes it award-winning. Simply Charming The Urban Charm™ motto is “If you can dream it, we can create and manufacture it”, and Lani Harmony, head designer and creative consultant, tells us more about the firm: “We offer a full-service manufacturing experience from idea to completion. Our one-of-a-kind, exclusive jewelry designs and products are handmade in the USA. Our design team develops products for our in house brand as well as for new and current brands. We specialize in all things custom with an emphasis on materials such as metal, leather, crystals, stones, wood and other natural materials.” The firm’s philosophy is simple, and it offers a lifetime guarantee for all of its quality made in USA products, because a happy customer equals a happy business, and vice versa. “We feel that customers are who we owe thanks to for contributing to the continual growth of our business,” embellishes Lani. “Therefore, they deserve quality customer service. We maintain this high standard by working one to one to assist with any project or concerns that customers have.” Lani explains how the firm differentiates itself from competitors, and is unique in the fact that it caters to all budgets and skill levels and can easily adapt to customer’s needs. “We present ourselves as the best option due to the quality team of experienced designers, makers, marketers and other creatives we work with. Everything we do is in house no outsourcing, just collaborating as a whole team unit. “Some of the most prevalent changes we have noticed recently is the want for quality made-in- the-USA products, as well as, custom unique jewelry designs. People don’t want to go and buy the same thing that everyone else has. They want something that is unique to their style or brand. This being said, having a one-stop- shop gives us the edge because we can do it all without having to outsource anything. This means we have control of the process every step of the way, placing The Urban Cham™ in the forefront of the jewelry industry because we can help clients with every aspect of the project.” Recently, Lani and her team were awarded the title of Designer of the Year 2017 & Best Woman- Owned Jewelry & Accessories Design Company. Lani tells us how it felt to be given this prestigious accolade. “We do not know who nominated us, so whoever you are, we would like to say thank you for your support. We believe the reasons behind our success are our determination and courage to continue to work hard at achieving our goals. We take challenges and turn them into positives.” Lani strongly believes that her team at The Urban Charm™ is the backbone to the firm’s success, and she tells us more about the culture that she has worked hard to create, to ensure that employees are happy and dedicated. “The culture is simple,” she states. “Work smarter not harder. We set no limits to the amount of money one can make. You can advance your career with The Urban Charm™ by working towards and continuing to set personal goals. We help to support you the whole way. We believe that if employees want to come to work, it is because they like what they do and therefore will put forth 110%. By creating a team environment where all ideas are supported we establish a positive and dynamic culture that is fun and enjoyable for everyone.” “We hire new staff on their willingness to learn, experience, motivation level and character. One of our clients has a motto they go by and we think it is a wonderful mantra to share. ‘ACE’ is attitude, character and enthusiasm, of which are all qualities we look for when working with and hiring new team members. We attract the leading talent by having fun. Doing what you love, wearing a smile and sharing your passion makes people want to be apart.” No-one can foresee the future however Lani elaborates on her main goals to ensure the firm’s continued success. “What we would like to see happen in our future is to continue to collaborate with and provide jobs and opportunities for all the creatives and makers of the world. Additionally, we would like to volunteer more with youth and support charities and causes related to teens, youth empowerment, mindful education and special needs families. Our goal is to continue to go out there and make our future growth a continued reality. We would like to expand our manufacturing facilities to offer designers of all ages the opportunities to learn and design directly in the workshop. Lastly, we would like to continue to see our exclusive collections in shopping malls, marketplaces, salons and other boutiques across the countries.” K Company: The Urban Charm™ Name: Lani Harmony Creative Consultant / Head Designer Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.theurbancharm.com www.urbancharm.boutique Telephone: +1 562-787-4365 NAE17051

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