N America News April 2017

60 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / APRIL 2017 , The Collaborative is a solutions firmproviding training, executive coaching, and consulting products and services to allow its clients to achieve higher levels of revenue by breaking through barriers to growth. We invited Co-Founder and President Beverly Flaxington to tell us more about the firmand the services it offers. Creating Corporate Excellence Through an Understanding of Human Behavior Established in 1996, The Collaborative leverages an understanding of ‘the human element’ to provide their clients with results-oriented solutions. They have a dominant presence in the financial services marketplace, and include among their clients some of the largest financial firms in the world, as well as many small financial advisors. The firm also has expertise with clients in FinTech, technology and healthcare. As testimony to the level of service excellence The Collaborative offers, many of its clients return time and time again. The firm has both a dedicated, experienced staff and strong leadership. As President and Co-Founder, Beverly leverages decades of on-the-ground senior leadership experience to ensure that her clients receive the very best solutions possible. “I am responsible for most all new business development and creative content development. I also interface with most of our clients directly. Alongside this, I have also written eight books, three of which are bestsellers, all based upon the issues we solve when working with clients. I consider myself a problem-solver and am continuously working to find new ways to provide solutions that people can comprehend and implement. “My leadership style is supportive yet relaxed. I let people do what they are good at, because I know that I have a great team of people with a variety of skills that complement one another, and me, very well. Most of our team works virtually, so we are able to meet client needs day and night and be extremely responsive. I believe in giving direct feedback when something isn’t right, but also in rewarding and acknowledging the good work my team produces. I say ‘thank you’ a lot, as I know these talented people have many other options of places they could work.” According to Beverly, known also as her trademarked “The Human Behavior Coach®”, what truly sets the The Collaborative apart, is its focus on knowing what a business needs, and then understanding the people element. The firm has developed a number of proprietary, in- house-developed solutions to solve business problems, without ignoring the people aspect. “Ultimately, we see human behavior as the most important and least understood aspect of most businesses, both large and small. We are able to deliver solutions that work because of our knowledge of how people think, communicate and act. Our training, coaching and consulting is unique and successful, because we take into account the human element in everything we do. “Through this client-focused approach, we devise solutions to problems we see with clients every day. Nothing we create is in a vacuum; it is all grown out of the issues our clients and prospects tell us they are struggling to solve. We are human behavior experts, which is our key differentiator, so we know how people think, how they make decisions and, most importantly, how to make change happen. We have several trademarked models and approaches we use. Because we have experience as business leaders running the company, everything we do must be actionable: we do not simply offer theory, but rather hands- on, practical, easy-to-implement solutions.” Looking to the future, the firm has a number of exciting developments in the pipeline which will allow The Collaborative to further its knowledge and expertise and support even more clients, as Beverly concludes. “Moving forward, we are now working to take all of our proprietary content and create an online platform so people can download what they need, when they need it. We want to be able to add more low-cost, actionable solutions across industries. I expect we will also be doing much of what we do today – helping firms of all shapes and sizes achieve higher levels of growth and profitability. Our track record speaks for itself, so we will continue to offer the same standards of service that we have come to pride ourselves on over the coming years.” K Company: The Collaborative Contact: Beverly D Flaxington Contact Email: [email protected] Address: P.O. Box 71, Medfield, Massachusetts, 02052, USA Phone: +1 508 359 8216 Web Address: www.the-collaborative.com 1704CA13

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