N America News April 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / APRIL 2017 51 , David D. Meilahn, as CEO of The David Agency, talks to us about the firmand how technology really is the key to a successful future. Insuring the Future The David Agency Insurance Inc is an insurance agency that provides complete risk and needs analysis, and insurance placement, for clients in all areas of their insurance needs, whether it is their Business, Professional, Personal, Benefits, Life and Financial Planning and Retirement. David D. Meilahn is Chief Executive Officer of The David Agency and he tells us a little more about his role within the firm as well as the challenges faced by someone in such a powerful position. “As the CEO, my responsibilities are that of a Director for a Symphony,” David begins. “We have 35 professionals within our organization, each with their own area of specialization. Together, they make a formidable team, which caters to our insured’s every need for Risk Analysis and Transfer. “My 42-year career within The David Agency has allowed me to experience every aspect of business to which one may aspire, including the formation of an insurance company that was dedicated to the Medical Professional Liability coverage for Medical Doctor Groups. “People are the most important part of any business. The need for these people to properly and professionally represent our efforts is critical. As a business, we face very strong competition, sometimes on a level that would not be considered fair. Dealing with those situations can be near impossible as you do not want to compromise your integrity by any measure, in order to maintain the organization at the level of Ethics and Integrity that are so critical to our clients.” David explains that in modern day-to-day businesses, management of staff has changed dramatically. “Most career driven professionals are self-managed, so the emphasis becomes a coordination of those talents for the betterment of themselves and the organization.” David attempts to consistently stay ahead of the curve by keeping atop of emerging industry trends and utilizing the latest technology wherever possible. “Technology is critical!” David enthuses. “We have been in the middle of a 30-year transitional path that does not end, from the very first computer in the 1980s with 8 inch floppy discs, to the current Cloud – What is next? Behemoth insurance companies are not always able to move at the speed of technology shifts, so there is a complete array of integration that we face with the 158 insurance companies with which we do business. “The products evolve slowly, but the implementation can come quickly once it starts. It is up to our professionals to have their ‘Thinking Caps’ on every waking moment of their work day, because we are analytical problem solvers. One of the positive effects of having our group of professionals is that we are small enough, 35 strong, to offer an intimate team service, and that we are also large enough to have an ‘ear’ to the marketplace. The day-to-day interaction with each other, insurance company professionals, and industry trade associations, allow us to evaluate and make changes as we go. We actually believe that the increased pace of released new technology has allowed us to make changes more quickly and more effectively.” K Company: The David Agency Insurance, Inc. Name: David D. Meilahn Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.thedavidagency.com Telephone: +1 (630) 516-9000 1702CA84

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