N America News April 2017

40 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / APRIL 2017 , non-standard or non-existent external interfaces for data communication with radios. Therefore, the application remained a PC only application and the user interface was redone to take advantage of large screens available on laptops and workstations. Over a ten year period the PDA-184 application was continuously revised to operate with additional radios and associated third party interface data cables and includes many enhancements to aid with data transmission and reception. Our current direction for the company is the development of hardware and software products for government, commercial, and individual users. Our compliment of hardware products includes an IW Channel Controller Test Set, IW Channel Controller Frequency Converter, and two styles of Radio Frequency Distribution assemblies. We build radio spectrum monitoring systems tailored to customer requirements. We build custom computers built to customer requirements too. We have recently completed a design for a Satellite Simulator that can accommodate both narrowband legacy radios and MUOS radios with wideband modulation. Our software products consist of ABLE184 Warfighter Edition and ABLE184 Wi-Fi edition. These applications operate on Android platforms and offer great user utility at low cost, small size, less weight, and reduced power (SwaP) as compared to PC applications. ABLE184 Warfighter Edition is designed for radio networks (e.g, VHF and UHF radio networks and has been tested extensively with AN/PRC- 148 JEM, AN/ PRC 148B MBITR2, AN/PRC- 117G, and AN/PRC- 152A radios in all operational modes (LOS, SINCGARS, SATCOM, DAMA and IW) in a military/ tactical setting. ABLE184 is backward interoperable with the government owned PDA-184 so it can be used in communication with legacy capabilities. The ABLE184-S is an option of the Warfighter Edition that provides additional message security and privacy by use of Blowfish and AES encryption. This can be useful in cases where special mission privacy is required or in the case where radio encryption key is removed or updates not available. ABLE184 Wi-Fi Edition is designed for secure and private data communication over open or secure, public and private networks. Blowfish and AES encryption is available and the encryption is true end to end, as with ABLE184-S. Each user can generate new one-time keys at time of their choosing and distribute to chosen recipients. Each user can have a unique key for transmission and the program will manage decryption according originating transmitter and associated key. ABLE184 does not require client/server configurations with third and fourth party hardware and encryption keys with certificates. Therefore, ABLE184 mitigates intercept of login and password and cipher cracking from imposter hardware and software with access to the SSL/TLS connections. All versions of ABLE184 use robust communication protocol and error correction processes that are more capable than commercial standard TCP/IP. Missing data or data with bit errors is automatically resent until error free reception is achieved. In today’s world, government agencies, corporations, and individuals continue to share more information via data communications tools, whether it is text, video, images, or documents, thus ACTC will continue to improve and develop those tools to meet the demands of our customers, who must work more productively, efficiently, and securely in order to be successful. We want our customers to look good and be successful! We maintain effective communication with our customers to get feedback and improve our products, perform extensive testing to ensure the products meet the standards and requirements of our customers, and maintain the highest level of quality assurance before we deliver any product to our customers. Communications with current and future customers is vital to developing a top of the line product. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we monitor government and industry-leading websites that not only provide insight into future requirements, but also provide discussions on those technologies that are mature enough to use in either a commercial or Government environment. Periodicals related to technology are also a good source of information with regard to what is available in the market, what is needed, and where opportunities may be found. Because we have both Government customers and commercial customers, the more difficult part is understanding the direction these customers want to go, and help guide them to those technologies that will allow them to do their jobs in a more efficient and productive manner. With regards to the future, we want to be the premier provider of data communications tools to the Defence and Homeland Security Departments, to commercial clients, and individuals. For anyone who needs cyber - secure and error-free data communications over public, private, and secure networks; for persons needing hardware test tools to aid with radio and communication product testing; for niche markets that may not be attractive to large corporations. Our motto is “perpetual solutions” which means we deliver reliable products that perform all functions required by our customer.

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