N America News April 2017

22 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / APRIL 2017 , As theMost Innovative Law Firmof 2017 inWashington, we invitedMorris-Sockle, PLLC to talk about the complex world of litigation, and how they provide the legal service you need and get the results that youwant. The Complex World of Litigation The founders of Morris-Sockle, PLLC, knew that a successful law firm needed two things: clients and good attorneys. After decades of traditional practice, Morris-Sockle took a new approach. They created the first state-wide network of quality family law attorneys, and brought state-of-the-art modern marketing to law firm marketing. The internet is the heart of their marketing campaigns, but they also aggressively brand on radio, TV, bus tunnels, event sponsorships and a host of other mediums. They are the host of the ESPN Seattle Seahawks Insider Report. In addition to good lawyers, they brought top quality internet and marketing specialists to the team. Their new approach to family law practice has been well-rewarded. Based in Olympia, Washington, Morris – Sockle is a well- established, respected family law firm, managed by partners Frank Morris and Jeanne Sockle. Founded in 1986, Morris – Sockle has a reputation for providing premium quality legal representation in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner possible. The pinnacle of their success is the outcomes they achieve for their clients. They are committed to staying ahead of the curve and creating new paths, when it comes to the business of practicing law. Pursuant to their passion for providing quality representation, Morris - Sockle created Divorce Lawyers For Men™, the first state-wide network of premier divorce attorneys providing quality representation to men who are drawn into the family law legal system. By collaborating and pooling the production of a state-wide network of attorneys, they are able to finance aggressive innovative marketing strategies with which no other law firm in Washington State can compete. Their high-profile marketing approach then attracts quality attorneys to join their network. “We know the special problems that men face trying to get fair treatment in our courts. We know that men are not always given equal consideration for custody of their children. We know that men are often forced to pay excessive child and spousal support. We know that men have been ordered to pay more than their fair share of the debts, and awarded less than their fair share of the property. Our job is to correct these wrongs, and fight for the rights of men during divorce, in modification actions, in paternity actions, and in creating parenting plans,” says co-founder Frank Morris. Before separate courts were even created for family law cases, Morris was pioneering new custody rights for fathers, and winning fair property division and spousal support for men. The firm takes pride in their successes in and out of the courtroom. The state- wide network of award-winning attorneys gives the firm the ability to provide quality local representation to clients anywhere in the state. In an effort to empower their clients and arm them with information, Frank and Jeanne published The Divorce Guide for Men: How to Survive Divorce in Washington, which has given an advantage to the thousands of men who have downloaded it. But, the innovation doesn’t stop there. “When my partner, Frank Morris, and I decided to add family law to our Olympia practice, over a decade ago, we agreed that we did not want it to be a money-losing venture. You cannot provide good legal representation if you go broke. We made a solid commitment to taking a cutting-edge approach to both marketing and the expansion of our firm,” says Jeanne Sockle. “That decision also included a continuing commitment to providing our clients skilled representation, dogged advocacy and a quality client experience. The plan included a purposeful goal to be profitable while providing quality service. Not a greedy profit, but a conscious effort to cover overhead and allow ourselves and our staff to feel reasonably well compensated for the professional services we provide.” Morris-Sockle went beyond building a network of good attorneys. “We gather and maintain statistical data on the performance of our attorneys, and the effectiveness of our marketing. We routinely survey clients to gather their input in evaluate of, and improvement of, our performance. We have developed a system of support 1704CA19

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