N America News April 2017

18 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / APRIL 2017 , Apollo Energy Systems is a Florida-based company withmore than 60 years of experience in the development of Batteries, Fuel Cells and Systems which incorporate those products. Pioneers in Powering the Future Apollo Energy Systems, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a company specializing in alkaline fuel cell technology, derived from ammonia. The firm develops, produces, markets, and licenses energy products and energy systems, including lead cobalt batteries for electric vehicles and on-site power systems; Apollo fuel cells for electric vehicles and on-site power systems; propulsion systems for electric vehicles for original equipment manufacturers and fleet owners; Apollo power plants for on-site power; electric cars; aqua ammonia de-watering units; ammonia crackers; and all terrain cars for traveling over land or water. Apollo’s products supply power for residential, commercial, and industrial establishments; computer installations, elevator systems, and cable TV networks; land and water vehicles, aircraft, and space vehicles; and manned rovers for Mars and the moon. Three Energy Products have already been developed, produced and field tested. These are Apollo Alkaline Fuel Cells, and Lead Cobalt Rechargeable Batteries for which a number of patents have been issued and additional patents are pending. The company has also developed Ammonia Crackers for the production of hydrogen for the fuel cells. Company History Apollo’s predecessor and licensor, Electric Fuel Propulsion Corporation (EFP) was formed by Robert Aronsson in 1966 and invested more than $16 million in research and development and licensed that technology, 34 patents and 22 new inventions to Apollo in 1994, when the company name was changed to Apollo. EFP is now a patent holding company, with 120 shareholders, and will receive royalties from Apollo on battery sales. EFP was the first company in the USA to produce electric cars, in 1967, since Detroit Electric Car Company stopped producing them in 1929. Apollo Energy Systems, Inc. took over the technology, developments and customers of EFP and has fallen heir to everything that was accomplished by EFP. Therefore, AES’s history starts with the formation of EFP in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1966 and the landmark test of the MARS I Electric Car by Shilstone Testing Laboratories in that year which showed that the MARS I had a useful cruising range of 120 miles on a charge, something unheard of for electric cars of that time. EFP Technology Highlights EFP produced more than 100 full performance highway electric cars, and notable events include: • In September 1967, the first ever cross-country trip in an electric car was made by Arizona Public Service in a MARS II Electric Car built by Electric Fuel Propulsion Inc. The car made 37 stops along the way fast charging the car’s Lead Cobalt Batteries and covered 2,226 miles, the longest trip ever made in an electric car. • In 1968, a cross-country electric car race was held between CalTech in California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The race was won by CalTech’s Volkswagen, crossing the country in 210 hours and 33-minutes and was equipped with EFP’s Lead Cobalt Batteries which were fast-charged on the coast-to-coast Electric Car Expressway set up by EFP. • In 1970, a second cross- country race was held between CalTech and MIT. EFP entered two of its electric vehicles in the race which took first and second places. Fast-charging of EFP’s Lead Cobalt Batteries was arranged by EFP and Holiday Inns from coast-to-coast. Management The AES management team consists of: • Robert Aronsson - with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing batteries and electric cars • Raymond Douglas - with 15 years of experience in batteries and electric cars 1702CA90

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