N America News April 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / APRIL 2017 17 The Invisible Man g obsolete and providing it to everyone would create a host of problems for our own forces where they utilize technology as an advantage over their adversaries. Our Quantum Stealth would render many of these advantages useless, so it has to be controlled, which is why it is still not something I can show to the general public after all these years. I don’t mind the skeptics, I would be one of them myself if I was on the outside. “In 2012, CNN ran a story on me describing the Quantum Stealth applications and the story went viral around the world with more than 5,000 news organizations picking the story up. That was overwhelming and I can only imagine what would happen if I was ever allowed to show it to the public.” Guy tells us of current trends emerging and where he believes the camouflage industry may be heading within the next five years. “I see the trend moving to the science side: objective testing, vision science, color science human behavior studies - we are that trend and we are very much ahead of that trend as typical bureaucracy delays many of these advancements. This has allowed many of the competitors freedom to promote their products without any testing or minimal testing at best. Even military testing is often subjective and flawed and the sad part is the soldier is the one who is put in harm’s way with an inferior product due to politics, poor testing, lobbying or naive policies. I would hope for the sake of the soldier that whoever gets the next contract can provide an optimal solution with the best pattern or technology available to give them an unfair advantage against their enemies.” With regards to his own business, Guy coyly tells us that he is working on several ‘big’ projects, however he cannot share them for security purposes! Nevertheless, the future is looking very bright for Hyperstealth.

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