North America Business Awards 2023

North America Business Awards 2023 | 15 Most Inspiring Coach & Motivator 2023 - Virginia Sometimes all it takes is one person to reinvent how a business operates, securing success for the foreseeable future. For Canatal Steel, that one person has been Stephane Vadeboncoeur, who has, over the last three years, acted as a coach and motivator to “level up” processes and personnel. We spoke with Stephane on the back of his well-deserved recognition in the awards program. f modern business understands one thing, it may be the power of the individual. The power of one person to drive change, make a difference, and accelerate innovation. More than ever, companies understand that skill and experience is important, crucial even, to delivering on expectations, and ensuring stagnation doesn’t set in. Over the last three years, Stephane has made that clear for Canatal Steel, with a mission to upskill and motivate the workforce towards, simply, ‘better’. To begin, Stephane offers more insight into some of the milestones he has achieved over the last three years. “We have significantly ‘upped’ our game, and, last year, won the award ‘Best High-Rise Engineering Steel Manufacturing Company of the Year’. I have been nominated on the ‘Top 30 Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch’ list. I am very implicated in our community. Leading and leading successfully are two different things; I have always known success by coaching, mentoring, integrity, inclusiveness, being a ‘people person’. Always pursuing knowledge, trying to better myself as a coach.” Continuous improvement is key here. After all, the world of business doesn’t stop. It doesn’t slow down. Its momentum is omnipresent and unstoppable, so people must be, too – engaging in constant professional development. In many ways, Stephane found the perfect foundation in Canatal Steel, as focused as it is regarding constant betterment, innovation, and meeting ever-increasing demand. “Canatal Steel fabricates structural metal for the erection of high-rise buildings in the northeastern USA. There is a saying that 80% of Boston’s skyline is Canatal-made. At Canatal Steel, our past precedes us. We’re proud of being customer satisfaction-oriented,” Stephane adds, before continuing to discuss how the company has implemented multi-level structural and procedural changes to deliver better client-centricity. “We have introduced lean manufacturing to Canatal Steel and have made it a ‘company culture’. It is a way of thinking, working, and sharing ideas. Everything lies in the people, via inclusiveness, we leave no thoughts or ideas on the table. This has led to markedly better ‘troubleshooting’ methods and highly trained support staff.” Ultimately, this customer focus, driven through this lean manufacturing process, has resulted in a notable stability at a time of greater economic instability, especially considering the construction landscape as a whole, which is facing rising costs among other significant challenges. “Our ‘customer focus’ approach has allowed us to survive through all economic crises. We are always expanding and hiring personnel. Equally, the Roanoke Valley has an important need for fitters and welders. The challenge is to hire the best and ensure that working at Canatal Steel feels like a ‘second home’, which we manage to do.” Downtime is extremely expensive ... Canatal Steel has the reputation of ‘on time and in a high-quality standard’. The future of Canatal Steel remains one of continued development through a need to constantly deliver its patented best-in-class service. For Stephane, a focus will be on helping to deliver these developments, coaching and motivating the company towards excellence, as he discusses in closing. “A third drill line has been installed this fall, with modernization of existing lines by Q2 of 2024. Canatal Steel is ensuring we meet the demands of our growing list of customers and investing in solutions accordingly.” Company Name: Canatal Steel USA Contact Name: Stephane Vadeboncoeur Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: 540-685-3140 I Oct23201