North America Business Awards 2022

12 | North America Business Awards 2022 Oct22054 When looking for a delivery business to prioritise petroleum supply, it is of utmost importance that we find a company that truly cares. Cox Petroleum Transport is a family-oriented company that has always valued integrity and hard work. It always delivers a high quality service for those in need of petroleum products. Here we look to its Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Mairs, as it wins this prestigious award. Best Petroleum Products Transport Company 2022 ox Petroleum Transport started out as a family-run, family-owned business that has now extended its family through its non-related employees. They are encouraged to be themselves whilst sharing the same views as Cox Petroleum Transport, making for a relationship full of confidence, fulfilment, and progress. Working with major oil companies including Chevron, Marathon, Phillips 66, Anabi, Shell, and others, it utilises its corporate terminal located in Bakersfield, California. Cox Petroleum Transport currently operates 140 trucks throughout 8 terminals to make the transport of petroleum easier for everyone. Cox Petroleum Transport’s unique selling point is that it is always looking for ways to improve whilst being a shining example of everything a petroleum delivery company should be. Jeremy shares, “Cox Petroleum Transport believes our achievements are based on core values of integrity, commitment, and honesty. Adhering to strong ethical principles is what we say guides us to be known as a reliable and trustworthy business.” By being so consistent Cox Petroleum Transport has been able to gain this excellent accolade, and it will continue to surprise and satisfy its customers all around it. The industry is a difficult one to break into and Cox Petroleum Transport has worked tirelessly to innovate and improve its services. Jeremy says, “Over the years we have witnessed many changes in our industry. Despite industry changes and changes in ownership, Cox Petroleum Transport maintained the integrity of being a familyowned business.” This dedication and passion towards having a closeknit team and shared values has made Cox Petroleum Transport one to watch in this competitive trade. “Before long, we were operating throughout California servicing the 48 states and Canada and are now considered to be one of the premier carriers in their industry. We continue to reinvest in employees to create a safe and enjoyable work environment,” Jeremy enthuses. Cox Petroleum Transport tailored its hiring process so that it could always find people who were going to be reliable, respectful, and truly outstanding when it comes to keeping Cox Petroleum Transport’s name spotless. “Cox Petroleum Transport supports the idea of providing transportation career opportunities for individuals that may find themselves contemplating their future career after completing a secondary education. The hope is that some may find the transportation field a successful path to long time employment. One opportunity is for younger drivers to enter the trucking industry as it is 80,000 drivers short of the demand. There are some new initiatives to allow younger adults to apply for their CDL with their hazardous material endorsements. The goal would be to bring drivers into the industry, bridging the gap from the 18~21 demographic to consider the trade. We hope these initiatives will provide a larger pool of drivers for this industry,” Jeremy shares. Not only does Cox Petroleum Transport provide career opportunities for people in its surrounding areas, but it does so with an open mind and open heart. By employing people who will benefit the company, whilst growing themselves, Cox Petroleum Transport has found itself bigger and stronger than before. That is why we are proud to present it with Best Petroleum Products Transport Company 2022 –We wish themmany years of continued success! Contact: Jeremy Mairs, CEO Company: Cox Petroleum Transport Web Address: C