North America Business Elite Awards 2021

North America Business Awards 2021 | 9 Oct21297 Recognized as the Best Sustainable Health and Beauty Ingredients Developer and the Leading Providers of Sustainable Paraffin Wax for 2021, Advonex International is primarily focused on replacing petroleum and mineral-based ingredients with sustainable alternatives that delivers superior performances for its customers. Making the world a better place, one product at a time. Sustainable Success. Best Sustainable Health & Beauty Ingredients Developer 2021 and Leading Providers of Sustainable Paraffin Wax 2021 stablished in 2012, Advonex International develops and sells sustainable ingredients for lubricants, cosmetics, personal care products, and other markets. Its products are created using a patented process, and with its unique combination of ingredients, they can deliver performance that exceeds their petroleum-based counterparts at a cost-competitive price. Previously awarded ‘Chemical Innovation of the Year’ by World Bio Markets in 2018 and nominated as the ‘Most Sustainable Raw Material’ of 2017 by the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Advonex aims to improve businesses with its innovative practices and products overall, making the world a better place. The company’s main objective is to convert plant-based oils into high-value ingredients for the multi-billion-dollar personal care, automotive, and industrial markets. Advonex’s patented technology uses electrochemistry from long-chain hydrocarbons from plant- based oils made of sustainable and high-quality ingredients. Thus, Advonex has been producing ingredients for customer sampling resultings in significant partnerships with its ingredients in personal care formulations, automotive lubricants and industrial products – fulfilling several sectors within the industry with its patented scientific and innovative technology. Overall, the advantage of using its technological products is that 80% of its input material can be transformed into hydrocarbons whilst the remaining material can be sold into other markets as commodity by-products. Additionally, its products contain no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur or other compounds that are harmful to humans and animals alike. Moreover, its products offer superior performance. Collectively branded as Entrada®, Advonex products are derived from a broad range of feedstocks, including soybean, canola, coconut, palm, and corn oil, with equal success. Overall, delivering exceptional performance whilst decreasing the global reliance on fossil fuels. Since its establishment, Advonex has been a critical company within its market. The company has been soliciting customer feedback on its products by providing samples and tailoring them based on the feedback acquired. An ultimately customer-centric approach that has gained the company recognition as the Leading Providers of Sustainable Paraffin Wax and Best Sustainable Health and Beauty Ingredients Developer of 2021. By working closely with its customers and persuading them to get involved within these questionnaires allows Advonex to keep up with the trend within the industries it serves. However, all technology-based companies face difficulties within their ever-changing environment. The technology on which the company is based has produced some unpredictable results when the company first reduced it to practice. Thus, by examining the results and the informative feedback from customers, Advonex was able to open new product and market possibilities for business. Advonex delivers exemplary market value to its customers, committed to helping them build better products whilst reducing global dependence on petroleum. Thus, Advonex employs members of staff, consultants and suppliers who share the same passion for creating a cleaner and greener planet for generations to come. Overall, Advonex is in the planning stages of a rapid expansion of its productions to meet customer demand with having recently signed a product development and supply agreement with Lubrizol. With this backing, the company expects to build production facilities in Brockville, Ontario, with future arrangements for global expansion with commercial production utilizing raw materials to produce ingredients for regional customers. Moreover, Advonex will be announcing additional partnerships within other markets by the beginning of 2022. Company: Advonex International Corp. Name: Chad Joshi Email: [email protected] Web Address: E