North America Business Awards 2020

22 | North America Business Awards 2020 Nov20169 Established in 2006, Galika offers professional solutions to fit in with your unique needs in organisational development. Recently, we got in touch with Antonio Galvan to find out more about one of the best leadership training and development specialists in Mexico today. Best Leadership Training & Development Specialists - Mexico ith a local identity and operations worldwide, Galika takes pride in sharing the results from its efforts to become a reference in the Mexican knowledge economy. To start, Antonio provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “Galika is not a traditional consultancy, instead we describe ourselves as a laboratory where different talents, ideas and experiences try to find answers to one simple question: how does human behaviour influence results in organisations? We offer highly customised professional services under three business lines, training and development, corporate strategy, and information analysis. Together, we continuously document and disclose our experiences, and reach new conclusions which we bring to our clients in the form of practical tools and methodologies. “The Galika way, which is our service framework, is comprised of a deep diagnosis of the organisation, a conscious design and delivery of the service with the most qualified individuals according to the industry, and a follow up process to observe and measure the impact. Collectively, our ultimate goal is to help individuals and organisations have positive transformations. In order to do all of this, we guide ourselves by our four core values: • Transformation: we strive to generate impact with each intervention. • Collaboration: Galika is a multidisciplinary and international team, comprised of highly talented individuals with a proven record of personal and professional achievements. • Intelligence: we learn continuously, and we document our learnings. • Accountability: we are a network of individuals who decide to live and work according to our values and principles, and who are committed to our clients. “With our expertise in leadership, strategy, teams development, effective communication, negotiation, talent management, emotional intelligence, wellness, project management, customer service, innovation and change, and multicultural management, we have the tools to solve the most complex needs of organizations that want to succeed in the 21st century.” Without a traditional hierarchical structure in place, much of the firm’s internal culture is based around accountability. When discussing the internal culture at Galika, Antonio touches on how the team seamlessly blend business opportunities with a wealth of experience and a personal touch. Some of the firm’s competitors in the field of leadership training and development focus on making a profit, however in its attempts to distance themselves from the crowd, Galika want to help organisations and individuals improve, as Antonio points out. “On a deeper level, the organisation exists because we believe that Mexico can hold a better place in the world, since it has the talent, resources and location to achieve this. All we need to do is shift the mentality towards a more sustainable one in terms of human focus and collective behaviour. Operating just to make a profit, is simply not what we’re about.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Antonio highlights the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm in the years to come, which includes adjusting its structure. “Galika has redefined its structure into three functional areas. The first is G-services which is dedicated to customised training and consulting for individuals and organizations. The other two are just launching and will be operating in 2021. These are G-Lab - our intelligence unit dedicated to observing, documenting, and disseminating human behaviour in organizations. The final one, G-Access which is an online academy for cutting-edge, highly practical business applications, characterized by efficient learning and exclusive access to our years of experience.” Galika is also a very innovative organization, embracing technology and new organizational tendencies since our origins. For example, in 2011 we partnered with Google to be one of the first organizations in Mexico to offer, deploy and train on their cloud-based collaborative suite. Even though we are not an IT company, we know the value and opportunities that technology offers to increase efficiency in organizations. This forward thinking approach has proven extremely valuable to our customers in the current situation, since we were able to quickly adapt to the needs of teams and people working remotely, offering high-impact solutions virtually. Company: Galika Contact: Antonio Galvan Website: W