Legal Elite Awards 2022

9 | Legal Elite Awards 2022 Apr22041 Working within a field that is prone to constant changes and fluctuations, Holman Immigration Law has made a name for itself in keeping abreast of all these developments. It manages this through the efforts of its founder – Leslie Holman – and her team, each of whom are empathetic, diligent, and tenacious experts in immigration law and the nitty gritty of border crossing. Critically, it focuses on human connection, working on a personal level with clients and government agencies alike to better the immigration process for all. Immigration Lawyer of the Year (Vermont): Leslie Holman eing a boutique law firm in Burlington, Vermont, Holman Immigration Law has dedicated itself to helping a variety of clients in need of its help to navigate the difficult terrain of immigration legislation. From businesspeople to athletes, individual people, and families, it has made a reputation for itself of operating with diligence, empathy, and respect, as well as a unique ability to observe, understand, and address the daily challenges facing those seeking admission to the US thanks to its proximity to the border. This closeness to the crossing point means that it can easily directly help its clients with their paperwork and details, as well as maintaining positive relationships with local municipal offices. From local government agencies to congressional staff, it understands the importance of keeping each of these offices in good graces so that it can call on them for aid where necessary. Fundamentally, it displays a comprehensive understanding not only of its field, but of its operational region in this manner. In analysing each individual client, their needs, and the difficulties they may face, it can design a personalised immigration plan that will best serve the client’s present – as well as their future – to ensure they can not only cross the border, but find their feet once they’re across. Thus, it works on a close and personal basis with its clients, bucking the trend of overly elongated, convoluted, and jargon-filled norm for immigration in favour of something that respects and values the individuals they seek to help. It also assuages any fears a client may be harbouring regarding working with it by way of constant, consistent, and friendly communication, hoping to take as much of the stress out of the immigration process as possible by simply making a human connection with the client and operating with the utmost decency and respect. With laws, administrations, and social paradigms constantly in flux – both due to national politics and global tumult from the pandemic – it has proved itself repeatedly in using this communication to keep clients up to date. Moreover, its own internal flexibility has allowed it to keep up with and adapt to these changes accordingly. This has gone a long way towards earning it the reputation of an immigration expert that its clients can trust. As something that its staff have worked hard to maintain, its own internal culture of tenacity and truth has ensured it remains a dependable part of the company. As the founder and primary expert behind Holman Law, Leslie Holman herself promises that she will not rest until the necessary reforms have been made in immigration legislation. Since the beginning of her career, she has been making her opinions known on the errors within the system and fighting for positive change, both as a lawyer and in her capacity as a previous President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Nominally, her expertise in legalities, their applications, and modern legislature is truly enviable. Thus, she promises that she and Holman Immigration Law will continue to push the industry in the right direction, as well as maintaining its support of the performing and cultural arts in order to showcase the importance of the voices of people who have experience with immigration in the creation of the modern artistic landscape. Company: Holman Immigration Law Contact: Leslie Holman Website: B