Legal Elite Awards 2020

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Legal Elite Awards , to see clients get every single penny they need and deserve under the law. Accidents and injuries can take many different forms, and the comprehensive range of services that Ged Lawyers can work with stretches to include most. With expertise in auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, boat, and air- plane accidents, the firm is well-equipped to handle almost any case. Outside of vehicles however, the extent of the firm’s expertise continues with slips and falls, defective prod- ucts, construction accidents, nursing home abuse, premises liability, and dog bites. Ged Lawyers is also equipped to handle some of the most serious events; ones that leave clients with injuries that can have a serious impact on the rest of their lives. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, and even wrongful death can radically change a person’s life, as well as those around them. In those instances where entities and insurance companies refuse to pay out, the necessity for Ged Lawyers is incredibly prevalent. These companies have to be held accountable for their misconduct or unwillingness to do what they should be doing. In these cases, Ged Lawyers works hard to help clients recover compensation for a broad range of legal damages that have se- riously affected the client. Including present and future medical expenses, lost wages for time off work or loss of a job due to disabili- ty, as well as the costs of rehabilitation and therapy costs, there can be an extensive list of expenses that clients have to face and compensation can go a long way in helping. However, there is also the unseen cost to what has happened, such as the pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other as- pects of the injuries that have hurt a client’s previous quality of life. Having been dedicated to this work for more than two and a half decades, Ged Lawyers has had some pretty significant success stories along the way, such as winning mul- ti-million dollar settlements in a wide variety of cases. Whether it be commercial trucking accidents, gas explosions, motor vehicle ac- cidents, wrongful deaths, pedestrian crashes, T-bone crashes, or medical negligence, Ged Lawyers is ready to fight their client’s case to a successful conclusion. Should a client not be able to travel to see the firm, then staff will gladly visit the client at home, in hospital, or wherever is most convenient for them. In every case, the client comes first. One of the other areas in which Ged Lawyers has a large amount of expertise across the United States is that of handling property insurance. The team, who have also worked for those same insurance companies and their underwriting departments, have a tai- lored insight into how insurance companies handle claims and pay on settlements. Using that knowledge, attorneys at Ged Lawyers handle multiple high-profile cases, amassing multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, providing outstanding service to clients at every step of their legal journey. Outside of the realms of insurance claims, Ged Lawyers also offers a number of other practice areas, including but not limited to business interruption, estate planning, asset protection, real estate, mortuary law, and governmental affairs. It is never to early to plan an estate, but it can be too late. Clients can take advantage of the firm today, to en- sure loved ones have everything they need tomorrow. When planning an estate, protect- ing assets can be a crucial part of that. Ged Lawyers also helps with protecting assets from people and entities who might want to take them. Client wealth deserves a shield, and the firm guides people through how to obtain it. Sometimes that wealth can include real estate, and Ged Lawyers can also assist in all types of legal transactions regarding real estate. Whether an entrepre- neur is just getting started, or a seasoned investor is looking to sure up their wealth, the firm can help. Ultimately, there are few law firms out there with the commitment, determination, and drive to see its clients get what they deserve quite like Ged Lawyers. More than con- sistently going above and beyond, the law firm takes on adversaries that can seem impossibly large and imposing. They let nothing stand in the way of the client getting what they deserve, ensuring that entities are held to account, and that the American legal system works in the way it is supposed to. Ged Lawyers is a truly outstanding firm in that respect and a great many others, fully deserving every success it achieves. Company: Ged Lawyers, LLP Contact: David Shaheen Website: