Legal Elite Awards 2020

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Legal Elite Awards 19 , Indian Law Firm of the Year 2020 & Leading Legal Expert in Campaign Finance & Election Law - Midwest USA & Best Alternative Dispute Resolutions Practice - Midwest USA unequalled level of experience in Indian country, the team at JLG brings no small amount of legal power to any proceedings. Outside of the courtroom however, the expertise and knowledge continues to astound. Half of the firm’s shareholders are members of federally recognized Indian tribes, and so there is a deep appreciation of the cultural and ethnic diversity amongst clients alongside the need to work cooperatively to ensure each unique community has its needs met. Indian law is undoubtedly one of the most complex, multi- jurisdictional areas of law that exists within the United States today. For tribes and individuals to navigate it by themselves would be tantamount to failure, but JLG does not allow that. Instead, the firm comes equipped with cultural understanding and legal excellence to ensure that every tribe can benefit from its services in helping them navigate the maze that is the law. Armed with knowledge from far and wide, the brilliance of JLG’s offerings seemingly knows no bounds. Company: The Jacobson Law Group Website: http://www. Since being founded more than three and a half decades ago, JLG has remained focused on its original, simple, and powerful philosophy: to provide outstanding yet affordable legal services for Indian tribes and businesses throughout the United States. Inspiring everything that the firm does, this philosophy has been at the core of JLG since its inception in 1983, and continues to be there to this day. In order to fulfil that mission, the firm has since prided itself on its responsiveness to client needs, the efficiency of its service, and the expansiveness of its expertise within the arena of Indian law. Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, JLG has enjoyed a national reputation for excellence within Indian law, providing legal services that often supersede the call of duty when it comes to Indian tribes and non-Indian commercial interests on Indian law issues. There are many different areas of Indian law, each one requiring a level of legal services that far exceeds the average law firm. JLG’s team can provides services in environmental and natural resources, Indian child welfare, Indian gaming, land tenure, use and acquisition, Founded in 1983, Jacobson LawGroup is a truly exceptional and outstanding lawfirm that handles one of the most specialized, complicated, andmulti-jurisdictional areas of law currently at work in the United States: Indian law. Having secured three awards in this years’ iteration of the Legal Elite Awards in US Business News, we take a closer look at how JLG has managed to carve out such a strong reputation for excellence in this specialized area, as well as others along the way. litigation, lobbying and legislative affairs, taxation, and tribal governance, to name but a few. One of the areas which the firm has been recognized specifically for, however, is its alternative dispute resolution practice. An absolute necessity for resolving modern business and other disputes as quickly and fairly as possible, JLG offers effective mediation and arbitration skills in abundance. All of the attorneys at JLG have extensive experience negotiating appropriate ADR provisions for tribal project, resolving disputes for clients, and serving as mediators and arbitrators in addition to sitting tribal judges. A handful of the attorneys at JLG serve in a variety of other positions. One serves as a mediator for a tribal court in Minnesota, having worked with Papua New Guinea’s judiciary and consulted with the World Bank to help integrate formal and informal ADR procedures. There are also qualified Minnesota District Court neutrals, and attorneys with unique experience handling Indian country construction disputes that are available to act as neutrals. To further help with mediation and arbitration, the firm regularly consults with tribes to help them establish their own dispute-resolution forums, including advising on peace-making courts and other mediation options. Being such a specialized, complicated, and multi- jurisdictional area of the law, Indian law requires lawyers that have extensive and diverse experience in representing clients from a diverse range of backgrounds. As such, JLG employs only the best, ensuring that its legal team has garnered that extensive experience in representing tribes, federal agencies, state and local governments, and private interests. Each and every case, regardless of who is being represented demands the highest level of commitment when it comes to providing responsive, comprehensive, and cost-effective services, and that is exactly what JLG offers. Unlike many other areas of the law, Indian law is a practice that requires a deep cultural understanding component, as well as matchless legal acumen. One of the many things that JLG does far better than its competitors is effortlessly weave together those components, seamlessly blending the legal and cultural aspects of a clients’ needs. Combined with an