Legal Elite Awards 2020

12 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Legal Elite Awards , Since its inception, SK&A’s cor- porate clients have enjoyed the freedom of hands-off corporate counsel, without having the wor- ries or potential distractions that often result from working with other less-fo- cused law practices. Despite this hands-off approach, every client, whether corporate or individual, can trust that their lawyer will always be a phone call, email, or text away. Providing the luxury of reliable accessibility is what SK&A is all about. Odds are that every business person or entrepreneur will become involved in some sort of legal dispute during the course of their work. Unhappy customers, overly aggressive competitors, and angry former employees or partners, are all part of the cost of doing business. Sometimes, the best result for a business’ bottom line is choosing settlement rather than engaging in protracted litigation. In today’s legal environment, most lawsuits are resolved without trial, and SK&A stands ready to provide its clients with various strategies to resolve any manner of business dispute, always mindful of its clients’ goals and budgets. Leading the way, is the firm’s Eduard (“Eddie”) Kotlyarov, Jr., Esq. Throughout the years, Eduard has accumulated extensive educa- tional credentials, having earned several advanced degrees including a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science, and a Juris Doctorate. Eduard is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker (MS) as well as a Notary Public (FL). In addition to being a native Spanish speaker, Eduard is also conversational in Russian and French. Apart from his work at SK&A, Eduard recently co-founded a Real Estate Brokerage, based in Tupelo, MS, by the name of Select Pinnacle Properties LLLP (“SPP”). SPP focuses on real estate investment, management, brokerage, and development. Eduard along with his wife Best Business Law Boutique - Southeast USA & Business Transactional Attorney of the Year (Florida): Eduard Kotlyarov, Jr. Seibane, Kotlyarov, & Associates PLLC (“SK&A”) is a boutique lawfirm focused on business (transactional & litigation), real estate, and general civil litigation. Catering to the needs of each individual client, SK&A recognizes that while some clients wish to be intimately involved with their attorneys, others simply do not have the time to invest without jeopardizing their ownmanagement and performance goals in the process. SK&A understands, more so thanmost, the time value of money. SK&A further understands that clients sometimes must factor in opportunity costs whenmaking important decisions. That is why SK&A tailors its representation, of each and every client, according to the client’s own individualized needs. Jessica Kotlyarov, MD, whom is a Yale trained physician, are general partners in SPP. By combining both of their respective skillsets and business acumen, Eduard and Jessi- ca formed a venture which allows each to contribute equally in the operation of the firm, in their own unique ways. In doing so, SPP has adopted the same team-centered, family approach that has made SK&A so successful. Eduard’s value and contribution to Seibane, Kotlyarov, & Associates is not only reflected through his staunch advocacy of his clients, but also through the many connections that Eduard has amassed over the years. In line with SK&A’s team-centered approach, Edu- ard knows that more often than not, success is measured by the competency and ability of one’s team. In living by this paradigm, Eduard opens up his vast network of per- sonal and professional connections in order to benefit his clients by providing them with not only top-notch legal representation, but also introducing them to individuals that have specialized knowledge that goes beyond the breadth of Eduard’s own expertise. Eduard lives by the creed that knowledge is power, and rest assured that SK&A is nothing short of a powerhouse, boutique law firm. SK&A manages to stay ahead of emerging developments by having a very integrated, technology-based law firm. With multiple state-of-the-art technological and manage- ment systems in place, that make running the firm more efficient, SK&A is able to deliver a more enjoyable and cost-effective experience for the client. SK&A made the decision to follow a team-centered approach as experience has taught the firm that tax specialists, real estate agents, financial advisors, and other profes- sionals do what they do well - for a reason. SK&A’s clients have a variety of questions and concerns which often times are not nec- Mar20031 essarily legal in nature. In order to most effec- tively service its clients, the firm has carefully cultivated a network of ancillary professionals, each of whom have achieved excellence in their respective fields, just as SK&A has done in the field of law. Uncharacteristic of other boutique law firms, SK&A makes available this network to its clients as a distinguishing value-added service. A key feature of the collaborative synergy that SK&A’s network creates, is that each professional embrac- es the firm’s team-centered approach and communicates openly and fully with SK&A to achieve the mutual client’s goals. This is just one of the many ways SK&A differentiates itself from the competition. The highly team-centered approach at SK&A fosters a very open, organic, and inviting organizational culture. As cliché as it may sound, each member of the SK&A team are all very much like family. Their close rela- tionships with one another enables them to work in a unique harmony that is noticed and appreciated quite frequently by their clients. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, SK&A has been developing a carefully calculated expansion plan that will introduce SK&A into several other markets in addition to increasing its current presence in South Florida, Central Florida, and Missis- sippi. As for right now, the firm’s Corporate Counsel practice has been exponentially growing and the team is representing more and more businesses by the day, from sole proprietors to $100mm+ multi-national corporations. The future looks bright for the team at SK&A, as the team shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Contact: Eduard Kotlyarov, Jr., Esq. Company: Seibane, Kotlyarov, & Associates PLLC Toll-Free Number: 1-888-970-4044 Info Email: [email protected] Web Address: